T-Low from Channel Islands

Channel Islands has just announced a new surfboard model: The T-Low by Tanner Gudauskas. We expect to be getting a few in our next shipment at the end of next week. A full size run should be available later in April. From Channel Islands: “T-Low began with Tanner Gudauskas seeking a lower rockered shortboard and…

Bing Boogie

Here’s a new video from Bing. Chris Del Moro, Dean Petty, and Adam Cap on a 9’10 Original Noserider, 4’4 Speed Square, and 7’11 Collector single fin. We will be getting a shipment from Bing soon that will include a 9’8 Lovebird, 9’6 Silver Spoon, 9’6 Elevator and a 6’8 single fin.

Lost's spring fling

Now, here’s a whole lot of footage from Lost. Clips gathered during a few early Spring swells on the Cali coastline. Surfing by Chris Ward, Bobby Martinez, Jeremy Carter, Daniel Shea, Jonah Carter, Malia Ward, Victor Done, Tanner Gudauskas, Nate Yeomans, Andrew Doheny and Ian Crane. Phew!

Quiksilver scallop boardshorts

Even though this is a trunk promo there is some amazing and classic surfing in this video. Enjoy the video and click the link to shop for the trunks and more on surfstationstore.com! CLICK HERE to view Quiksilver Boardshorts in our online store!