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What They Ride, All-Star edition: Ross Howatt and his CI Rocket wide

Hi everyone! After a lengthy hiatus we are back with an OG goofy footed Vilano powerhouse, Ross Howatt. Ross was a little younger than me when I showed up on the scene back in the day but I would always see him out on the north side of town putting on an absolute power clinic […]

What They Ride All Star Edition: Chris Ropero and his TPatterson New Sun

Oh man, where do I start with this one… I finally had an opportunity to sit down with one of my oldest friends here in town, the candy kid himself.. Chris Ropero. When I moved to St Augustine in the early 2000s Chris was a skinny little ripper who would come in the shop on […]

What they Ride: Darby Moore and her Farina log!

Welcome back all! After a short sabbatical(sorry, renovating my house) I am back with local lady slider and Surf Stationeer, Darby Moore! Darby recently joined the Surf Station team full time and provides some “breath of fresh air” local video content for the shop and also is a strong advocate for a good old fashioned […]

What they Ride: Eden Lange and her Kechele Grinder

Hello true believers! Welcome back, I am excited for today’s feature as I finally got together with local lady shredder, Eden Lange! Eden is an up and coming local stand out, Surf Station team rider, straight A student and all around all-star employee at the shop. A few years back I purchased my home in […]

What they Ride: Casey Stahr and his CI Taco Grinder

Thanks for tuning in true believers! This week we are back with the legendary Casey Stahr! When I first came to town I had always seen Casey out and owning the line up but never really knew him very well. He and Coco Cabana would pretty much take over any peak they put their minds […]

What they Ride: Dave Polatty and his CI Peregrine

Hello everyone and welcome back true believers! Today I am reviewing legendary cold water charger, Dave Polatty. Back in the day I would hear stories from Tory about Dave.. “style master and such a great surfer” was how he was described to me many times. I would speak to him on the phone and order […]

What they Ride, employee edition: Billy Thane and his Driver 2.0 by Mayhem

Hello everyone and thanks for checking out today’s post. Today we have a relatively new comer to the Surf Station gang, Billy Thane! Billy moved here a few years ago and I remember the first time I met him. I was out on the south side of the pier, the waves were a decent size […]

What they Ride, employee edition: Brian Hornung and his CI Zeus

Hey everyone, Thank you for tuning in! Today we have another Surf Station OG, Brian “Toofy” (as he is affectionately known) has been with the shop since when Surf Station still sold gas… he and Jason Hadjis used to take turns skating the quarter pipe in the parking lot at night before close. Toofy is […]

What they Ride: Chad Hicks and his CI Fred Rubble

Welcome back true believers! This week is about kicking it old school.. old school board model and old school local ripper Chad Hicks! Chad used to come see me at the shop for years when I managed the board room. Even though he and I were different sizes we usually gravitated towards boards with similar […]

What they ride: Tad Mask and his Retro Gun from Mayhem

Welcome back everyone! Today I am getting back to my roots with a normal what they ride about a dear friend. Tad Mask is an ex-St Augustinian currently holed up in New York riding out the Covid storm. I have known Tad for over ten years and through our shared love for surfing, nerdy things […]

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