March Madness!?!

Got your brackets filled out? think that 1 seed is gonna be overthrown by a 9 seed! well dang! The surf station would like to help (well at you gator fans der!) check it out! 15% off all gator sandals during the month of march! Requires the promo code: MARCHMAD (all caps no spaces)

Ding Repair

If you didn’t already know The Surf Station has some of the best ding repair imaginable! No ding is to small, and no buckle is too big for the Autrey Family to handle! They’ve been building and fixing boards for years now and it shows with the amount of quality and skill they put into everything they do!…

"We Couldn't Resist"

The wind has continued to howl, but the rain has stayed away for the past few days. With the wind in full force, we’ve only had a few options for not-so-out-of-control surfing, so we’ve basically been sticking with the same surf spot for the past few days. We’re heading to Noosa tomorrow to cover the…

Flagler wins the CSA East Coast Championships

ET, Adam, and the other Surf Station sponsored Flagler surf team dudes won the Collegiate Surfing Association East Coast title at Sebastian Inlet on Monday. This is actually the first time I’ve heard of the CSA, but I guess it’s been around a while as this is Flagler’s second straight EC title. That’s pretty rad.…

"Young At Heart"

Continuing our streak as some of the most fortunate gals around, we got to spend yesterday morning with Will Conner and world champion longboarder Beau Young. Check it out… httpv://