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Thursday 6/20/24 Afternoon
Tory Strange
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Change From Last Report:
The wind continues strong onshore
Current Wave Size:
3-4 feet, occasionally larger
Surface Conditions:
very choppy
Surf Station Surf Factor:
3.00 (on a 1-10 scale)
Comments: Although not great, there are some occasional fun waves.
Surf Reporters 6 Hour Forecast:

The wind to be very strong E ; Larger surf with waves 3-4+ feet with very choppy conditions.

Dean's Long Range Forecast:

Swell Info

mostly poor
Wave Size In Body Height:
rib to chest high, occasionally larger
Largest Wave:
shoulder / head high
Surf Is On Increase or Decrease:
Increased / then leveled off
Wind Swell / Ground Swell / Combo:
Swell Direction:
lots of rip currents
Swell Interval:
one wave after another
Hard To Paddle Out:

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Wind Direction / Speed For Florida:


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Water Temperature:
Water Clarity:
more mixed up
cannonball jellyfish
St. Augustine Weather Station:

Surf Report Comments

Thursday, June 20
Reporter:  T. Strange 
Surf Report comments: 

7:15 am: We have very choppy conditions with waves 3-5+ feet.   The wind is E @ 18-22 knots causing mostly blown out surf conditions.   The marine forecast is expecting the wind to continue strong onshore throughout the day today.  Our local buoy is currently 7.9 feet at 8 seconds, similar to yesterdays  8.2 feet at 7 seconds.   Our water temp at The Pier measured @ 82 degrees. You can see the ocean live by viewing The Surf Station Cam Page here.


8:30 am:   Early morning photos are up in box #1 and you can see we have very sizable waves for your Thursday.    Large, choppy surf with the wave size @ rib to shoulder high with larger set waves, even overhead as the buoy height measurement hold or increase offshore.  Strong onshore winds all day are in the forecast…….  




5:00 pm:   New afternoon photos are up in box #2 and you can see we have continued sizable waves for your Thursday afternoon.    The sand on the north side of the pier is making for a nice outside sandbar.   An outside sandbar that is also the inside sandbar too as the sand sticks so far out into the ocean.   The Dredge is moving southward and new sand is on the south side of the pier, as THE DREDGE moves southward… 







Here is the overview wind map. Here is the weekly weather forecast for St Augustine Beach, and the 5-day NWS Marine Forecast for Northeast Florida coastal waters. The bad news… The sizeable increase in easterly wind swell that built through mid-week will hold Thursday, then linger into the weekend when the onshore wind will veer south and diminish. Dean’s 7-Day Surf Forecast has the call as well as the potential tropical depression spinning in the Atlantic north of the Bahamas nearby in our east swell window

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