Report Overview

Report Title:
Sunday 8/7/22 Dawn Patrol
Tory Strange
Report Of The Day:
Change From Yesterday:
Similar in size or smaller (morning to morning comparison)
Change From Last Report:
a little choppier this morning
Current Wave Size:
1 to occasionally up to 2 feet
Surface Conditions:
semi choppy to choppy
Surf Station Surf Factor:
2.00 (on a 1-10 scale)
Comments: Worth it if you have nothing else going on.
Surf Reporters 6 Hour Forecast:

Waves high to thigh high and on a slow increase SE winds increasing till dark

Dean's Long Range Forecast:

Swell Info

mostly poor
Wave Size In Body Height:
knee to thigh high
Largest Wave:
almost waist high
Surf Is On Increase or Decrease:
Wind Swell / Ground Swell / Combo:
Swell Direction:
Mostly E / ESE
light, increasing some, from the south
Swell Interval:
6 seconds on the buoy offshore
Hard To Paddle Out:

Wind Info

Wind Direction, Speed, & Air Temp:
Wind Direction / Speed For Florida:


Today's Tide Data:
03:52 AM H 4.04
09:55 AM L -0.08
04:39 PM H 5.37
10:57 PM L 0.48
Tomorrow's Tide Data:
04:58 AM H 4.13
10:55 AM L -0.23
05:40 PM H 5.66
11:59 PM L 0.29
View Full Year Of Tides:

Temperature, Critters, & More

Water Temperature:
82 degrees
Water Clarity:
No new reports in
St. Augustine Weather Station:

Surf Report Comments

Sunday 8/06/2022
Reporter: David Smart
6:45 am:  Similar in size to yesterday out there though light SSE winds are making it a little choppier today. wave height is around knee high or so.    The  marine forecast calls for the wind to increase from the SE later today.   The local buoy offshore is reading 1.6 feet at 7 seconds similar to yesterday 1.6 feet at 6 seconds.     The water temperature and local wind measurements at The Pier are here and  A more ‘up to the minute’ timeline of our local wind is on The Surf Station Weather Station.   Here is our north side pier cam and our south side pier cam to see the ocean live.
Reporter: Darby

12:00 pm: The waves are looking small and weak for your midday surf report, with a bit of surface texture. The waves are mostly in the shin to knee high range, with local winds blowing out of the NNE @ 5 knots. Our local buoy is currently reading 1.6 feet at 8 seconds, and we have a high tide coming up at 4:39 this evening. Overall, the waves are looking to be very small scale without much of a push, so it may be a better day for the paddle board.

Reporter: T. Strange
8:10 pm:  Evening photos are up in box #3 and you can see it’s a little bigger than earlier.  Choppier too . Brisk onshores and slowly increasing ESE windwaves.  You can see the increase on the East Canaveral Buoy.   So we are expecting larger surf in the morning.
     And his will do it until in the morning.. over and out.. 
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Dean is suggesting that a modest uptick in E/SE swell, as evident in recent data from the east Bahamas buoy will arrive later in the weekend and continue into the work week. He’s also limb-walking about a potential long period ground swell from a mid-Atlantic subtropical low. Here is the overview wind map, and here is the Windi Map centered on St. Augustine.on the link, then zoom out to see wind speed/direction and the fetch that produces waves. Here is the weekly weather forecast for St.Augustine Beach and the 5 day tropical weather outlook, looking for hope for the next swell maker.   Here is Dean’s latest Surf Forecast with scuttlebutt on the prospect for waves.

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