One Fateful Morning at the Ponce Inlet Jetties yielded a creeped out bande á part of surf slash mongrels having too much fun. Gaze out and think about those lost summery days all across this frigid globe with post-ed up globabble warming weird trends. Stay Safe and Warm

Surfers • Chad Doyle , Ricky Pasternak , Robert Stafford , Chris Tincher , Johnny Lewis , Trey Edwards

Camera • Drew Miller

Edit • Drew Miller

Music: ariel pink’s haunted graffiti


Amidst yet another cold, dreary, pretty much flat North Florida winter I’ve done my best to stay in the Caribbean and out of the cold. I’ve just returned from a sailboat in the BVI with family and friends, where we managed to get a few fun days of surf and a lot of beautiful weather.…

Fall Recut

This is some footage I took back in the fall. Ross and Matt edited a cut here. Interesting to see the different perspectives, from the guys who actually experienced the surfing that day and me, who was hanging on the sand. I kind of wanted to play around with some of the shots though, since…