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South – Oct 21, 2020 – @peytonwillard_

Earlier today I traveled south to shoot with Ryan Huckabee, Michael Dunphy, and Robbie McCormick.  Waves were super fun!  The buoy was at 6.2ft @ 8 seconds and winds were onshore in the 5-10 mph range.  Below are a couple screengrabs.  Enjoy! **CLICK TO ENLAGE IMAGE**   Ryan Huckabee @ryanhuckabee1 Robbie McCormick @rastaarobb Michael Dunphy […]

St. Augustine Pier – Oct 20, 2020 – @peytonwillard_

Today I stayed home and shot at the St. Augustine Beach Pier.  The buoy was 5ft @ 7 seconds.  This brought some fun overhead surf to the beach.  Below are some screengrabs that I took.  Enjoy:-) **CLICK TO ENLARGE PHOTO** Gabe Kling @thor904 Zander Mortan @zandermortan Kai Barton @kai_barton More surf in the water!  Get […]

Flagler Beach – Oct 19, 2020 – @peytonwillard_

This morning I went back south to shoot Ryan Huckabee once again.  The buoy was 5.6ft @ 8 seconds and winds were moderately strong and onshore.  Waves were overhead and the tide was filling in.  Below are a couple screengrabs from today.  Enjoy 🙂 **CLICK TO ENLARGE PHOTO** Ryan Huckabee @ryanhuckabee1   Ben Lacy @canned_ebola […]

Flagler Beach – Oct 18, 2020 – @peytonwillard_

Earlier today I dove south and shot with Ryan Huckabee and the Coluccio bros.  The swell was 4.1ft @ 8 seconds on the buoy and winds were 15 mph out of the east.  This brought overhead, choppy surf to the beaches.  Waves were super fun and heavy!  Below are some screengrabs from earlier today.  Enjoy […]

Flagler Beach, Florida – Oct 17, 2020 – @peytonwillard_

This evening I traveled south to shoot surfing with Ryan Huckabee and the Coluccio twins.  The buoy is at 5ft @ 7 seconds and rising significantly.   Winds were strong out of the north and the current was ripping, but this brought super fun waves.  Below are a couple screengrabs from this evening.  Enjoy 🙂 **CLICK […]

New Smyrna Beach – 10-16-2020 – @peytonwillard_

This evening I drove south with Ryan Huckabee and the Coluccio twins.  The buoy was at 1.9ft @ 8 seconds on the Cape Canaveral buoy and the winds were onshore.  Waves were small with occasional waist+ surf.  This brought in ok but fun surf conditions and there was nearly zero crowd.  Below are some screen […]

Secret Spot – July 20, 2020 – @peytonwillard_

This morning I went and filmed in a secret spot in St. Augustine Beach.  The swell on the buoy was 2.1ft @ 6 seconds and winds were light offshore.  This brought knee-thigh high waves.  Below are the shots I took!  Enjoy 🙂 **CLICK TO ENLARGE PHOTO** Alex Hobbs @ohgreatsea Chris Tincher @philspidaman More waves the […]

New Smyrna Beach, Florida – July 19, 2020 – @staugsurf

This morning I went to New Smyrna Beach and shot surfing.  The swell was 2ft @ 6 seconds.  Winds were onshore ranging from 5-10mph the entire morning.  High tide was at around 7:30am so I shot the outgoing tide.  Waves were in the waist-chest high range with some head high sets.  Conditions were super fun!  […]

New Smyrna Beach – July 11, 2020 – @peytonwillard_

Today I traveled down to New Smyrna Beach, Florida.  Waves were waist-chest high with occasionally larger sets!!  Winds were offshore for the majority of the morning.  The current St. Augustine Buoy reading is 1.6ft @ 9 seconds.  Below are a couple shots I took!  Enjoy 🙂 **CLICK TO ENLARGE** Gavin Coluccio @coluccio_bros Logan Coluccio @coluccio_bros […]

Surf Station Surf Camp Week 6 – Day 3

Super fun day at camp today!  Campers were shredding!  

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