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Last few photos from Eland's Bay

The nature of film (for me at least) is that it takes a while to get developed. I shot half a roll in Eland’s Bay before I left and just got it developed a month or so ago. Here are a few lefts for the goofy footers to know there is life beyond right hand […]

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South Africa in Black and White

South Africa in Black and White, a set on Flickr. Photos from South Africa, shot on Kodak Tri X 35mm film

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South Africa Analog

Footage of South Africa shot on Ektachrome Super 8. Watch on Youtube I shot on Super 8 for a few reasons: 1. The first time I saw 16mm projected I fell in love. I could go on forever about it but film has such a rich, unique quality and it lasts longer than any hard […]

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Eland's Bay

I don’t care what anyone else says, pointbreaks are a totally different experience when surfing frontside. One of the more hilarious imbalances to my surfing travels up to this point is that I had surfed a few world class right hand point breaks and none on my forehand. In Australia, my longing to go left […]

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