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Posts By: Brian Brown

‘The Loot’ | Ando, Creed, Nate, Dylan by Haydenshapes

The Haydenshapes Plunder model. A versatile and modern classic designed to make ultra shitty waves pleasurable for all. It’s a board with a tendency to reap rich rewards in dismal conditions. Here is some visual proof, shot in said conditions, to add some weight to these sentiments and claims. Enjoy a 5 minute video edit […]

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Tanner G’s Magic Surfboard

A surfboard is a personal thing…When a surfer finds one that feels perfect, it’s magic! When a pro surfer finds one that’s perfect, it can make their career… What’s your magic board?

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Surf Station Media: Pelican Perch

Gabe and Alec enjoy a little afternoon session at the pier.

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Tanner G on a CI Twin Fin

Tanner Gudauskas stopped by the factory yesterday (1/27/17) in hopes that the latest swell had filled in (it hadn’t)… luckily this Dane Reynolds trade in caught his eye. Click here to shop the CI Twin Fin!

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Goin’ to Da League: Ezekiel Lau

”There’s more to Hawaii than just the North Shore. There’s dry Westside slabs, delectable South Shore bowls, mysto Eastside nooks … But there’s nothing more to Zeke Lau than pure Hawaiian mana. It’s pronounced and prevalent in everything he does. In fact, Zeke might be the most Hawaiian Hawaiian the CT has ever seen ” […]

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Instagram: Photo of the Day 1/29/17

Do you recognize this photo? 🤔 All surfers appreciate a big backside bottom turn on a huge wave like this, but if you are from St. Augustine, and are into our surf culture and our history you may see something more in this photo🌞 Why? Well this is the photo that the 1st surf shop […]

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Misplaced: Taylor Clark

A not so ordinary video for a not so ordinary human. Video featuring Taylor Clark in Hawaii, Portugal and California. This guys’ air reverse’s are absolutely insane! @taylorcark_ @tannercarney Click here to shop Lost Surfboards!

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Jared Jeff’s Winter Gallery

Surf Station employee and water photographer extraordinaire Jared Jeffs selected some of his favorites from these Winter Waves. Check ’em out! Be sure and follow him on Instagram – Click here!

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Surf Station Media: Orange Dream

Early morning January 12th at St. Augustine Beach.

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Rejects: Dane Reynolds

Even Dane’s left over footage is better than most edits these days… enjoy 19 mins of Dane free surfing at home and abroad! Click here to shop Channel Islands Surfboards!

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