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Posts By: Brian Brown

Just Passing Through Baja: Episode 9

It’s called a surgical strike for a reason. You spot the perfect swell with the perfect conditions on the forecast. The kind you know is going to light up that magical wave you’ve been dreaming of. As the days tick by, the anticipation builds. Checking the conditions goes from daily to eventually hourly. Countless phone […]

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WSL Quiksilver Pro France: Warm Ups


The Quiksilver Pro France is set to kick off and everyone’s psyching to be back to the the land of baguettes and heaving beach break tubes!! The last few days certainly did not disappoint, with light offshore tubes and head high + swell, these guys and gals sure have it rough!! ha, jk! Check out […]

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Conner, Kilian & Dane in So. Cal


The last week or so has had a fun run of swell here in Southern California, some south swell with a little bit of wind swell mixed in. Nothing to brag about but fun none-the-less. Here’s a couple of those sessions with Conner Coffin and Kilian Garland testing out some new equipment plus a quick […]

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GoPro Video of the Day: Another Day in Paradise with Dr. Purpleteeth – Vol. 6

Join GoPro and Dr. Purpleteeth every two weeks as we release a new volume of “Another Day in Paradise.” Click here to shop Skate in our online store!

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Weird Waves: Dylan Graves Rides Texas Tankers


Dylan Graves and friends head to Texas to shred some of the waves produced by the massive tankers going in and out to see.

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Conner Coffin Preps for France


We’ve been having a nice little run of waves this past week here in Southern California… head high south swell with clean, light offshore conditions. Nothing amazing but with the current heat wave blasting us, the shore break tubes were a perfect way to cool off… We spent a session with Conner Coffin testing out […]

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Carlos Munoz: Endemik


Endemik is more than a trait. Endemik is a philosophy, Endemik is a way of life, and as we learned from Carlos, Endemik represents the purpose of our mission. One with unique characteristics based around this space, and this time… “Hi, my name is Carlos Muñoz. My friends call me Cali. I was born on […]

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Throwback Thursday: Sandy Britches

Throwback to Oct 30, 2012. Dave Rastovich gets a few tubes courtesy of Hurricane Sandy. Filmed in St. Augustine, Florid

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Bruce & John John in Mexico


While shooting our first documentary “Sueños de Sal” in Mexico, we came across these two aliens John John Florence & Bruce Irons having a laid back surf session and doing things normal people don’t do. It was such a pleasure just to be able to see the show live, so we made a little edit […]

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GoPro Video of the Day: Los Angeles Skate Line with Tom Rohrer

Tom Rohrer gets his personal DJ to follow him while he skates through a schoolyard in Los Angeles, California. Click here to shop Skate in our online store!

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