Shop Walkthrough

1. Mission Statement
● Our Mission statement is to share our surfing expertise so that anyone, ­ novice or expert, ­ can have a high­ quality surfing experience, and to do business with integrity such that we are always able to lend a helping hand to causes and individuals in need.

2. Core Business Values
● Surf Station values total respect for all of its customers, and the community as a whole.
● We understands the importance of honest business practices. Surf Station believes in both professional and personal integrity and is dedicated to integrating these practices in all that we do.
● Surf Station seeks to share the love of surfing with fellow surfers.

3. Vision
● Our vision is to help our customers enjoy the ocean on the best equipment we can provide, in order to suit their needs.
While we would love to meet you in person, we understand some of our fans spread across the United States & even the world, after-all we ship surfboards internationally every day!  Here’s a little video that showcases the main shop and walks you through the different parts: