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Mason Ho: Dad’s Rocket Redux

Mason Ho & Sheldon Paishon scoring some fun waves a couple days ago on the NORTH SHORE of Oahu. After getting slayed on these rocks a week ago Mason comes back for some redemption. With a little surfboard update at the end. Both riding a new …Lost Surfboard model called the “Rocket Redux”. Later in […]

Parker Coffin: Fish Beard

Parker Coffin said it first: “A Neck Beard 2 would work sick as a twin-fin fish!” So we got to work redesigning the back half of the NB2 template and rocker, paired the board with our Al Merrick Keel Fins (AMK), and the FishBeard was born. Click here to shop online!

Jake Halstead – 2020

Jake Halstead 2020 from Hunter Groom on Vimeo. Jake just picked up his first T.Patterson Italo Ferreira Pool Party models. See how they go right here!

Surfers and Skimboarders charge INSANE shorebreak wave !!! January 2020

Blair Conklin, Kalani Robb and more charge heavy shorebreak wave in Southern California breaking right on the sand! These were some of the craziest backwash launches and wipeouts I have seen in a while! All footage filmed on January 2, 2020. Click here to shop Catch Surf!

JOB: Best Waves in Years – Pipeline

BIGGEST WAVES IN YEARS OUT AT PIPELINE AND I AM OUT THERE SHOWING YOU ALL HOW MUCH POWER THE OCEAN HAS! See if you can spot Surf Station team rider Joel Luteran in there. He has a couple waves near the end including a head clipping!

This is Livin: Giant Pipeline

Happy New Year everyone! The biggest swell of the year has hit and Pipleine is as big as it gets! I got one of the best waves of my life! I also cut my shin open but everything is ok. I can’t imagine a better way to bring in the new year than by getting […]

YWT: A Perfect Week on the North Shore

Still living life in Hawaii, Parker reunites with Conner just in time for the perfect week on the North Shore. Together they score epic surf and some quality brother time. Conner competes in the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing while Parker breaks down his do’s and don’ts of the North Shore. Enjoy! Click here to […]

Mason Ho: V Town Ho Family

The day before yesterday The Ho family paddled out behind their house and scored some really fun surf. Mason, Michael and Coco are all riding …Lost surfboards new board model called the “Rocket Redux”. Mho – “The board is really fun for surf like this because it fits in almost any pocket and has some […]

Quiver building with Chase Stevens, PART TWO.. enter the marine cowboy..

Back to business folks. Sorry I have been MIA for a few weeks, we hosted Thanksgiving, I went to Puerto Rico for a long weekend and now I have been down with a sickness that just wont stop… but no more excuses! As I promised, I have returned with the second chapter in the Chase […]



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