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Letter of the Day: Surf Cam Down

Your surf cam seems to be down for the last week. – Mark

What they Ride: Ryan Leonardy and his CI Rocket Wide

Happy Tuesday folks! We are back with our local profile called “What they Ride”.. this week we have St Aug OG Ryan Leonardy with his magical, bought off the rack Rocket Wide in Spine-tek EPS. The Rocket Wide model in Spine Tek seems to be a winning combination for a wide variety of conditions. Today […]

CI Podcast: One-On-One with Sage, Conner, and Dane

World Surf League’s Dave Prodan recently sat down with Sage, Conner, and Dane to get the inside scoop on their lives in and out of the water. The one-on-one interviews cover everything from Sage’s life motto to Conner’s passion for music. Click here to shop CI Surfboards online!

Kelly Slater: North Shore

Kelly Slater’s Surfing In 2020 Evokes A Strange Sense Of Nostalgia. Check out the legend himself enjoying a nice little session on the North Short. Kelly has spent most of his winter in Hawaii. Click here to shop Slater Designs Surfboards!

Invisible Wounds & the Road to Recovery

Invisible Wounds & the Road to Recovery By Nate Dinger As conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq continues, members of the United States military faithfully pack up their lives and deploy in support of their nation’s call. Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines engage the enemy, provide security, and establish community outreach programs intended to stabilize the […]

Parker Coffin: Late Season Lowers

Parker Coffin is always working on new designs. This year he was the genesis for a new twin-keel fin model the FishBeard, which was released in January. He’s also working on some high-performance shortboards customized by CI Shaper Mike Walter. Although Parker doesn’t wear the jersey anymore he’s still super motivated to surf as radically […]

WorkforAvocados: The WorkForAvocados Channel Trailer

Thank you guys for checking out my channel, WorkForAvocados! I got involved in board sports after my dad passed away when I was younger. It kept me out of trouble as an outlet for physical and artistic freedom. I put out videos every Thursday on surfing, skating and finding the stoke in the small stuff. […]

Personal Pick: 5’9″ IF-15 Roundpin from T.Patterson

New board alert! Thanks for reading this week and sorry for the delay. I was out of town on a long weekend and should’ve had this queued up beforehand. For many years the TPatterson brand was off-limits as Surf Station didnt carry them. Recently this finally changed as Chris Ropero, local all-star and Surf Stationeer(and […]


PT. 2 PANAMA STRIKE MISSION! Huge Silverbacks + Sloths Surfing SILVERBACKS starts @ 4:11, Beach break surfing starts @ 8:00 Koa Smith and Travis Smith strike mission a HUGE swell in Panama! Part two of one of the best surf adventures to date. SILVERBACKS GOES NEXT LEVEL! Travis meets a friggin SLOTH! And the beach […]

Bing Surfboards Turns 60

Bing Surfboards Turns 60, Releases Gorgeous New Documentary Article from Surfer Mag FEBRUARY 7, 2020 BY ASHTYN DOUGLAS You could probably count on one hand the number of board brands that have been in existence for 60-plus years — and one of those fingers would represent none other than Bing Surfboards, which was first started […]

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