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Dane Reynolds on the Fishbeard

Dane Reynolds takes the new CI FishBeard for a spin. Click here to shop the Fishbeard!

FORMER: nonsense

The good folks over at FORMER just dropped a new edit. Check it out!

What they Ride, employee edition: David Smart and his CI Pod!

Hello true believers! I hope all of the readers are doing well and staying safe during this very challenging time worldwide. I know it has personally effected me more than I ever thought it would and will probably change the world forever. In the beginning, surfing was allowed and it was definitely the best release […]


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Marc Lacomare – Back in madness

Back on the last sessions of this winter which was incredible. Marc was able to demonstrate his commitment during the sessions. Now for the competition.

Dane G on the CI Mid

Dane is riding the stock 7’0 CI Mid here, which is 21 1/8” x 2 3/4″ at 44.9 liters. The fins are an all-new CI MId two-plus-one set-up with a 6.5″ center fin and matching 3.6″ sidebites (also available in 4″). Glassed with 6 and 4 ounce on deck with 6 on bottom. The CI […]


Send this to anyone who still thinks Covid-19 is basically the same as the flu. Read more about the coronavirus pandemic at Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, has similar symptoms to the flu. They also spread in similar ways. So it’s natural to want to compare the two. But Covid-19 is very […]

Lost Video Vault: What’s Really Going Wrong

Winner of the most nominations and awards ever in the Surfer Poll. Features “A week in October” with Chris Ward. Randall’s hair burning, Chris and Cory ripping Wedge. Strider’s only real movie section ever. Chris Orr and Gilligan at Trestles. . Chicken is fired – get ready for Vince! *Warning – video contains lots of […]

WorkforAvocados: DIY Balance Board

With the beaches closed for the unforeseeable future, I wanted to create something that would help me stay in shape for the “off season”. This is a video of me making a balance board for surfing! As opposed to a traditional balance board of front to back, this one goes rail to rail. It’s ideal […]

Team O’Neill: Ian Crane – San Clemente

Orange County has changed a lot over the years, but, while San Clemente has grown with the times, it’s managed to maintain its charm and surf-town vibe. Also known for its perfect cobblestone point breaks, San Clemente is home to California’s greatest surfing pedigree. Ian Crane is the latest in the long line of talent […]

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