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How to set up your new skate deck (With Cam Harp)

Cameron Harp is our new shop shredder! He will show you how to put your old trucks and wheels on a brand new deck. Come in and ask Cameron to help pick out a set up! Click here to shop Skate online!

Surf Skate Training

Surf Skate Tutorial – How to Improve Your Surfing

First of all, thanks to Surf Strength Coach Cris Mills for putting together this killer video of how to improve your surfing thru learning to surf skate on land.  Riding a Carver Surf Skate or other similar skateboard mimics the movement of surfing on a wave, and can greatly improve your balance, coordination and strength […]

Lunch Break at Little Park

Shot & Edited by | Darby Moore Team rider Noah Brownell tests out his Stance gear for a quick shred. Click here to shop Stance socks!  Click here to shop Stance underwear! 

WorkforAvocados: Talking with LEGENDARY surfer LARRY BERTLEMANN!

Larry Bertlemann is pretty much The Godfather of style in surfing and in skateboarding. The rubber band man became famous for his newer aggressive style rapidly turning his board with his hands while maintaining a super low stance. Made popular by the Z-boys like Tony Alva and Jay Adams, the influence behind the bert slide […]

WorkforAvocados: Rides, Tides and Power Slides

Reeling rights and screeching slides! Perfect spring weather to go with all time STOKE levels. My name is Michael and I’m obsessed between the connection of surfing and skateboarding. Hope everyone is able to shred their beaches safely! Definitely appreciating the ocean much more these days.

WorkforAvocados: Perfect Sets & Skating thru the Woods

PRISTINE surf rolls through Florida this past Thursday! It was a straight glass-a-thon. Also, I found out about a SICK skate spot in my own hometown I had no clue about. Smooth asphalt under a canopy with a true old Florida feel! My surf skate was very happy. Such a fun week. At 500 subscribers, […]

How to Surf Better: Carver Skateboards

In this episode we introduce our “Surf Better Series” designed to help the lower end intermediate – expert level surfers. Click here to shop Carver Skateboards!

WorkforAvocados: Bombing the Steepest Hills in Town

Downhill skating is a hard thing to come by in the flatlands of Florida, especially on the coast. I set out to find the steepest hills available to me on an early onshore day. Our county beaches have finally opened, albeit limited! Check out some glassy log waves rolling through an almost empty lineup. We […]

WorkforAvocados: Skating through a GHOST Town

With the streets barren and cabin fever kicking in, we (safely) grabbed our surf skates and cruised through the empty streets of downtown St. Augustine. Our session was short-lived with the rain, but I’ll take any stoke that I can get at the moment! If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe to my channel. I […]

WorkforAvocados: Hamboard Skateboard Review

With beaches still closed, I’m continuing my mission to find stoke in other places. This week, I’m reviewing out the Hamboard Classic 6’6 surf skate. This thing is an absolute monster! Is the board size a gimmick or is this a legitimate surf trainer? This week, WorkForAvocados puts it to the test! Thanks to my […]

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