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Creature "CSFU" Full Video Release

One of the best videos of the year so far… Thanks Creature! Like a Frankenstein beast, the Creature guys together form a skate monster that destroys all terrain, and it definitely shows in this video. Here’s Gravette, Bingaman, Conover, Reyes, Navs, Hitz, Parts, and the whole squad.

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The Philadelphia Experiment

In this version of “The Philadelphia Experiment”, we travel back to 1997, a time when skateboarding was at its very best in Philadelphia. Featuring Mark Suciu, Ricky Geiger, Ishod Wair, Jordan Trahan, Devon Connell, Fred Gall, Matt Reason, Ricky Oyola and many more.    

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NYC Rising

In order of appearance: Stefan Janoski, Danny Supa, Shawn Powers, Danny Fuenzalida, Ben James, Bjorn Johnston, Gabriel Summers, Richard Angelides, Nestor Judkins, Curtis Rapp, Clark Hassler, Ron Deily, Zered Bassett, Walker Ryan, Gavin Nolan, Mike Powley, Nolan Lee, Dave Willis, Kevin Tierney | Aaron Herrington, Brian Delatorre, Joel Meinholz, Jordan Trahan, Piro Sierra, Richard Angelides, […]

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Austin Gillette's "Unlimited" Video Part

Austin Gillette’s part from the “Unliminted” video. Austin is progressing the world of new school skaters, and this video is currently one of the nominees for Transworld Skate’s best video part. Check it out!

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Skate Clips of the Week

Today’s first video is a full-length video we found on YouTube featuring some really talented shredders out of South Florida. Spread the Good….check it out kids. This next video comes to us from IPath, and features an Am skater from Margate, Florida named Ryan Ward. Ryan’s an all around great dude, and an underrated skater […]

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Sunday Video Roundup 11-6

Here are some videos from around the web 1. Tallows and Ragin Beach by Brett Maher Some guys in good ole Aus getting tubes. Nice sun soaked video to transport you away from the gray Nor’easter day. 2. Mex by More tubes, this time from Mexico. Filmed & Edit by Wyatt Davies 3. Kobe […]

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Flagler Alumni Surf Clinic

Flagler College students past and present give and receive surf lessons in Crescent Beach. Donations went to the Hugh Shaw Memorial Scholarship. httpv://

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Kustom Airstrike 2010 – Best entries so far…

here are some moving pictures of the best entries so far in the kustom airstrike 2010 contest… winner gets 50,000! will dusty payne¬†repeat?

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Where is wardo?

Chilling at Punta Lobos in Chile,¬†on his 5’4″ motivator!

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Reef Ugandal Sandal

The Girl Next Door is currently offering a free bead bracelet with the purchase of Reef’s Ugandal Sandals. The sandals are made with recycled paper beads handcrafted by women residing in refugee camps in the war-torn country of Uganda. The beads are purchased using fair trade practices through a partnership with the organization 31 Bits. […]

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