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Local Loves his Surfboards!

Matt Weatherford! At an early age, I knew I was completely infatuated with the history of the old school longboard era. Blame it on Bruce Brown films or my roots in a small town with even smaller surf? Donald Takayama was always one I admired and his boards were all I ever wanted as a […]

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Surfboards for women

Do men and women need different kinds of high performance surfboards? Matt Biolos of Lost Surfboards gives some insight into what his team is riding and why in an interview with Surfer Magazine. Essentially, the boards that pro women ride are not much different than what the pro men use, just scaled down. They tend […]

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Surf Station Sells….

Ever wonder what does Surf Station’s store sells??? Well come along with us and find out! CLICK HERE to visit our online store!

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New Surf Station boards by Richard

Our friend Richard Prause, has a fresh batch of surfboards all finished up. These will be in the shop in the coming weeks. Most likely the sooner we get a swell, the sooner he will make a trip down to deliver them. We’ll keep you posted! Below you can get a sneak peek of the […]

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