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Surf Yak 7 with Zander Morton

[powerpress] This week on the Surf Yak our guest is Zander Morton — writer and editor at Surfing Magazine and Transworld before that. Zander’s goal as a grom was to surf better than his mom who taught him. His dad’s talents encouraged him to pursue writing. He discusses the transition from pro surfer to writer […]

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Surf Yak 6 with Lauren Hill

Lauren Hill, logger, blogger, St. Augustine native, and world traveler visits the Surf Yak to talk about the upcoming premiere of Bella Vita. Bella Vita is a film by Jason Baffa about Italian surf culture. She tells us about the joys of stitches without anesthesia and the froth level of wave starved Italian surfers. Also, […]

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Surf Yak 5

This week on the Surf Yak! We don’t have any guests but Talkin’ Tom and the Grinch have the gift of gab. On episode 5, we yak about shark bites in Saint Augustine, tangles with fishing folks at the pier, new Bing surfboards in the shop and sponsorship opportunities. [powerpress]

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Wave Trons

Andrew “Tronberry” Gregorie and friends in his back yard, 11th street. Surfing by Andrew, Gabe Kling, Eric Taylor, Dustin Estes and Robbie (whose last name we don’t know). Filmed and edited by Drew Miller. Water photography by Rachel Bardin Brought to you by

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Strange planes and mysterious waters

I travelled west to visit family and friends in the panhandle of Florida. While I was there, Dennis Litchfield was kind enough to lend me his space, time and tools and help me make a hand plane. A friend gave me the little chunk of foam a few months back and I was itching to […]

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Gentlemen loggers of St. Augustine rise early for some clean slides. Surfing by Chris Tincher, Tim Haire, Nick Collins and Jacob Hamilton. Videograph by Rachel

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Floridian Evening

Even when it’s tiny and onshore, there’s still nothing quite like surfing at home. The familiarity of colors, textures, sandbars and skylines make it irresistibly welcoming. httpv://

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"Outside the Bay"

Lennox Head provided a contrast to our mellow days at the pass. One of the more treacherous aspects to this break is getting into and out of the water without donating skin, blood, glass or foam to the rocks and barnacles. httpv://

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The onshore winds continue here, so we’ve been exploring the markets and body surfing near the farm. We also headed up to the Transparentsea Voyage premier on the Gold Coast last night. It was a total contrast to the generally mellow and quiet life we’ve been enjoying, but so much fun. Photos will be up […]

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"Creek Surfing"

Day 2 of 31/31 Australia was spent surfing a creek that runs through the farm. It was pretty full and swift due to all the rain. Music by the Rivernecks. httpv://

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