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Posts Tagged: Noosa

"It's a Koala"

Will Conner does his best nature show host impression and warns us of the dangerous Australian wildlife. Then he explains and rides his Greenough spoon inspired board. httpv://

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We surf and talk with friend, fellow Floridian and photographer Keith Novosel.

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"Her 9-5"

Jen Smith talks to us about surfing with her father, longboarding, Noosa experiences past and present, and being a professional surfer. httpv://

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"Finless Frequencies"

The Noosa Festival of Surfing is full of all kinds of cultural events: music, films and uncommon surf craft. In this video, we see finless surfing mixed with a live song from the Band of Frequencies with a bonus firebreather at the end.

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"What it is to enjoy life"

Lovely lady loggers Leah and Lauren trade perfect peelers in Noosa. Leah Dawson talks to us about finding the ideal wave and shares her contagious stoke. Ukulele playin’ by Mr. Jacob Hamilton. httpv://

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"Noosa Ways"

Noosa provided good enough waves for us to fall behind on everything. Here we did a few Man on the Beach interviews and just filmed the scene of a perfect right point break doing its thing. Music by Jacob Hamilton. httpv://

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