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Posts Tagged: Jody Davis

June First

It is rare to be able to ride a shortboard in June in Florida but we started off this month with a fun little south wind swell. Pcon, Austin Martin and Jody Davis have some summer fun in this clip from Ben Sitten.

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The First Day of the End of the World

Gabe, Zander, Jody and Billy and Party Marty.. Enjoy!

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Sweet Tea

Tropical Storm Debby treats Saint Augustine. Shred ripping by Gabe, Jeremy and Jody among others. Sweet Tea from Rachel Bardin on Vimeo. Watch on Youtube

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Lucky number

A few clips of Chris Ropero, Jody Davis and Stephen Kaltenbach shredding the knar. Music by the Rice Cakes.

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Fall Recut

This is some footage I took back in the fall. Ross and Matt edited a cut here. Interesting to see the different perspectives, from the guys who actually experienced the surfing that day and me, who was hanging on the sand. I kind of wanted to play around with some of the shots though, since […]

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Parkin' it.

Gabe, Ross, Jody, Chris and I took a little trip north for the afternoon. Here’s the results.. enjoy!

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