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Slater's current board breakdown

It’s no secret that Kelly Slater has recently made significant investments in the Firewire surfboards brand. He has always enjoyed board experimentation and is intrigued by the design efforts of up and coming shaper Daniel “Tomo” Thompson, the sustainability of Firewire surfboards and their low impact on the environment. Here is a quick video where […]

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21 Days: Bourez and Hedge, episode 3

In the third and final episode of 21Days featuring Michel Bourez and Nathan Hedge, we are reminded that Tahiti is absolutely perfect. The place is heaven, it’s the dream. But even dreams have twists and turns and can build a man up just as easily as they can break a man down. With the 2014 […]

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21 Days: Bourez and Hedge, episode 2

This episode of 21Days has it all. Hedgey takes some kids from The Maui Ola Foundation surfing, picks up some new sleds and reflects on what surfing’s done for him. Bourez on the other hand goes hunting for surf with pal Marc Lacomare and keeps his eye on the prize, a shot at winning a […]

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J-Bay Free surf

Here’s a montage of exceptional surfing from South Africa. It consists of freesurf footage from around the Mr. Price Pro Ballito and the good ol’ J-Bay Open. From Timmy Reyes to Granger Larsen to Filipe Toledo, it features hoards of good surfers letting it all hang out without a comp jersey on.

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21 Days: Michel Bourez and Nathan Hedge, part 1

Red Bull are back with 21Days, this time in the Billabong Pro, Tahiti pre-game and starring Michel Bourez and Nathan Hedge. These two gents couldn’t be at more different ages and stages; Michel’s currently having the competitive year of his life, having won two events already. Hedgey is a former world tour star, trying to […]

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Stuart Kennedy shreds his Tomos

“Stuart Kennedy is a young Australian surfer currently grinding it out on the World Qualifying Series tour and steadily climbing the ranks with the hopes of someday qualifying for the World Championship Tour, a.k.a., the “Dream Tour.” When he’s not powering through heats in a contest jersey, Stuart is filming and putting his Daniel-Thompson-shaped surfboards […]

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Timmy Reyes/ Pacific NW

Timmy Reyes has never been afraid to take chances. After serious injuries thwarted his competitive career, he rerouted his focus to do what he loves – which is straying from the beaten path to get the largest and best waves he can find. In the newest Smith Optics Great Days edit, we follow Timmy as […]

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Timmy Reyes: Somewhere cold

Tim Reyes dons the thickest of the wetsuits to entertain us with some shredding.

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Michel Bourez Wins Drug Aware Margaret River Pro

Michel Bourez Wins the 2014 Margaret River Pro from Firewire Surfboards on Vimeo. In the day of the “heat analyzer” we all get to play scientist, sportscaster or critic, watching heats over and over at live speed and in slow motion until our daily lives pull us back to reality. To those fanatics who live […]

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2014 Quiksilver Pro

Let’s get ready to rumble! The Quiksilver Pro starts tomorrow (tonight on the east coast!) and I for one, could not be more excited.

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