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Posts Tagged: Ben Bourgeois

Benny B in Brosta Rica

Benny B Gentlemens hour from Ben Bourgeois on Vimeo. Ben Bourgeois doing it big in Costa Rica with special guest appearance by Aaron Cormican.

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Ben's hard drive

Ben Bourgeois had a bunch of un-used clips on his computer so he decided to throw this video together of some recent trips.. enjoy! Bens Hard Drive from Sean Benik on Vimeo.

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Searching the Caribbean, part 3

Searching The Caribbean: Part 3. Our crew makes camp in front of perfect beach break barrels, gets tubed off their faces, and reflect on the joys of camping.

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Searching the Caribbean part 2

In part 2 of Searching The Caribbean, the intrepid crew makes their way to a remote island and comes across perfect beachbreak peaks. Featuring Benji Weatherley, Ben Bourgeois, Dylan Graves, CJ Kanuha, and Nate Tyler.

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Searching the Caribbean..

Benny B, Dylan Graves and co. score some fun looking surf in the Caribbean.. Video by shop buddy Jerry Riciotti

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Zander and crew score in the islands!

Zander, Alek Parker, Ben Bourgeois, Luke Davis and crew score in the Caribbean! Ben’s practically making a living off this place! Looks super fun.. if only we knew where it was..

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Benny B on Mayhems..

East coast legend and shop buddy Benny B on a recent jaunt to Costa Rica on some fresh Mayhems.. 5’8″ Scorcher, a 5’10” Whiplash and a 5’6″ Grocket.. also a 5’10” Chilli 7 Curve thrown in there. Enjoy! Benny B Costa Rica Mayhem from Breton Carasso on Vimeo.

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