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New film: Under the Sun

Under the Sun is a documentary by Cyrus Sutton (of The film is a study of the commercial side of surfing and the non-commercial aspects. It compares the lifestyles of competition and free surfers by looking at the adjacent communities of Byron Bay and the Gold Coast in Australia. The Gold Coast typifies the […]

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Last Day

Our last day filming in Australia. httpv://

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A few shots of California golden boy, Chris Del Moro httpv://

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"It's a Koala"

Will Conner does his best nature show host impression and warns us of the dangerous Australian wildlife. Then he explains and rides his Greenough spoon inspired board. httpv://

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Dave takes the olo, a 16 ft finless and wooden behemoth that he made with Tom Wegener, out for a surf at Wategos. httpv://

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"Covert Operations"

Back from Noosa, we surfed a fun little cove in the Byron area. Lauren braved a strong inside section to get some water shots.

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We surf and talk with friend, fellow Floridian and photographer Keith Novosel.

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"Her 9-5"

Jen Smith talks to us about surfing with her father, longboarding, Noosa experiences past and present, and being a professional surfer. httpv://

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"What it is to enjoy life"

Lovely lady loggers Leah and Lauren trade perfect peelers in Noosa. Leah Dawson talks to us about finding the ideal wave and shares her contagious stoke. Ukulele playin’ by Mr. Jacob Hamilton. httpv://

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"Outside the Bay"

Lennox Head provided a contrast to our mellow days at the pass. One of the more treacherous aspects to this break is getting into and out of the water without donating skin, blood, glass or foam to the rocks and barnacles. httpv://

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