Zoe Bonik

About Zoe Bonik

Name: Zoe Bonik

DOB: 05/09/2001

Hometown: St. Augustine

Homebreak: The Pier

Nickname: Zo

Sponsors: Surf Station, Zinka, Cobian, and Angel Eyewear

Favorite wave to surf? Kaisers, Oahu

Favorite food? Acai bowls

Front side/ back side: Front side

Have any pets? An Australian Shepherd dog named Ziggy

Favorite board: Sharp Eye

Now to the juicy stuff

What’s your take on how women are treated in todays surfing society? I think that women should be given equivalent prize money and opportunities.

Any bad habits? I eat a lot of ice cream.

Hopes and Dreams/ Life Goals: I hope to travel and experience new cultures.

What do you enjoy most in your spare time (besides surfing)? I enjoy hanging out with friends and playing with my dog.

Best advice for all those youngin surfers out there: Practice, practice, practice!!

If you could be anywhere in the world, where would you be? I would be in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Quote to live by: “If you can dream it, you can do it.”