Rachel Bardin

About Rachel Bardin

Name: Rachel Bardin

Home: St. Marks, FL

Homebreak: St. George Island/Cape San Blas

Sponsors: Il Padrino


Alias: Rachel B!

Websites: L’avventura

Pets: Other people’s dogs.

Food: Beans and rice, stir fry, avocado, fruit

Drinks: OJ, good coffee, Acai smoothie,

Ride: Self propelled and internal combustion engine

Music: Velvet Underground, the Walkmen, the Doors, Bob Dylan

Films: Pulp Fiction, Eternal Sunshine, Fellini, Godard, Bergman, Scorcese, Coppollas

Television: osmosis

Games: Soccer

Phone: home

Camera: lots, my favorite is a twin lens yashica

Computer: please don’t die

Spending: food and travel

Vices: ice cream

Spare Time: travel, friends/family,

Beef: traffic, pride in ignorance.

Surfing: an engaging activity

Philosophy: the Prophet

Board(s): Good ones

Frontside: pretty pale

Backside: much more tan

Wave: hello, goodbye

Travels: Norway, Ireland, Hawaii, Awestralia, lots of the US, Mexico for a day.

Training: jazzercise

Last Words: Palabra