Lauren Hill

About Lauren Hill

Name: Lauren Hill

Date of Birth: October 8

Home: St. Augustine

Homebreak: Sea Oats and other spots in St. Augustine

Sponsors: My mom


Alias: La, hill


Gentlemen/Boys: I do like them.

Pets: Karma, my goldie.

Food: I love vegetables. Unadulterated.

Drinks: Non-plasticized water, please. And jasmine green tea.

Ride: Most importantly, it works, plays music, and holds longboards and friends all at once.

Music: Mostly older rock and roll music.

Films: I really enjoyed The Present. Also, The Darjeeling Limited and Alfonso Cuarón’s A Little Princess.

Television: Guilty pleasure. I can’t not watch True Blood.

Games: Cranium is the greatest game ever created. I love board games, word games, and crossword puzzles. Simple pleasures.

Phone: Of the Apple persuasion.

Camera: Many: digital, film, camera obscura. It’s wonderful to have images for remembering.

Computer: Also of the Apple persuasion.

Spending: Is not something that I can afford to do. Which is just fine, because, as it turns out, some of the loveliest, most fun things are completely free.

Vices: I avoid ding repair at all costs.

Spare Time: Is spent in the ocean with people that I love, for the most part. And, studying for the GRE.

Beef: With the idea of “growing up.” And people/companies who think that the ocean is a waste receptacle. And chauvinism.

Surfing: Takes over your life (thankfully).

Philosophy: Manifestiny. The way I do anything is the way I do everything.

Board(s): I love logs. And surf mats. And fins for body surfing.

Frontside: Is fun.

Backside: Is also enjoyable.

Wave: Really, anywhere ridable with friends is a good time. But, ideally, a peeling right (left would be fine, too) pointbreak on a warm evening with some friends, similar to those found in Byron Bay. And clear turquoisy water, too, please.

Travels: Are excellent for expanding one’s sense of self and re/discovering how magical Earth is.

Training: College, travel, decision-making

Last Words: “Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed” –Storm Jameson