Kristina Cancelmi

About Kristina Cancelmi

Name: Kristina Cancelmi

Hometown: New Smyrna Beach

Homebreak: The Inlet

Nickname: Tina / Juanita

Sponsors: Full Sail Brewing Company, my mom

Favorite wave to surf? Tie – NSB & secret lefties on the Oregon Coast

Favorite food? Avocado

Front side/ back side: Frontside

Have any pets? Not yet

Favorite board: 3-Way : 5’6” Mayhem – 5’11” Spontak – 8’2” North Pacific

What’s your take on how women are treated in todays surfing society? That’s a pretty loaded question! There are aspects of the surf industry that urk me, for sure. The image of women in surfing brought forth by the media is troubling. I really feel for girls coming up now; the ones who are having these physical expectations set by sponsors, fans, etc. ingrained in them. I could go on but I wont and instead suggest watching this: … I try to focus on what is boils down to for myself. Which is I love to surf and I love seeing other women out ripping.

Any bad habits? I can’t sleep in past 7am.

Hopes and Dreams/ Life Goals: Surf Alaska and British Columbia; run a marathon.

What do you enjoy most in your spare time (besides surfing)? Experimenting with typography and illustration; running, hiking, snowboarding.

Best advice for all those youngin surfers out there: Be respectful. Especially if you’re just visiting. The world surf community is pretty small.

If you could be anywhere in the world, where would you be? Bali. But right here feels great too.

Quote to live by: You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.”
― Brené Brown