Kristin Wilson

About Kristin Wilson

Name: Kristin Wilson

DOB: July 22, 1982

Hometown: St. Augustine

Homebreak: Matanzas Ave, in front of my parents’ house

Nickname: K or Kris

Sponsors: Currently a free rider! In the past (competition days): Matix, DVS, Sector 9, Electric Visual, X-Trak, Quiet Flight, Dan Taylor, Monster Energy, Point Conception Swim

Favorite wave to surf? South Straddie on the Gold Coast, Australia

Favorite food? Arugula – I love greens!

Front side/ back side: Goofy

Have any pets? My sister’s cat Meli, she’s kind of the family pet. I travel too much to have one of my own

Favorite board: 5’8” Channel Islands I’ve had since 2008. Can’t let it go.

What’s your take on how women are treated in todays surfing society? Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like much progress has been made in the last 10-20 years. There is more money in women’s surfing and sponsorships, which is good, but women in surfing and sex appeal are directly correlated. I don’t know if this will ever change. All the time I hear: “So-and-so rips, but she’s hideous/fat/a lesbian/et.” It’s pretty strange that people even care. It’s such a double standard. We never hear that a pro male surfer or football player is ugly. I suppose this goes across sports as the most marketable and attractive female athletes make the most money, but it’s still sad. I personally think the entire surf industry needs to be turned inside out and completely reinvented.

Any bad habits? I have always worked for myself and owned my own business since graduating from college, so I would probably say that procrastination is a constant challenge. Entrepreneurs need to be very self-motivated and creative every day, while operating in all functional areas of the business and keeping tabs on everything simultaneously, so sometimes I just want to sleep in and take a break!

Hopes and Dreams/ Life Goals: I want to keep traveling and experiencing all the world has to offer. In the next couple years I hope to master another foreign language; currently I’m fluent in Spanish. As far as career, I already have my own business but I would love to start a new, bigger company that can make a difference on the planet long term and hire full time employees to help support my vision. Most importantly, I hope that the human race saves the planet from ourselves and global warming for many billions of more years to come! Protecting and respecting our environment should be a top priority for everyone.

What do you enjoy most in your spare time (besides surfing)? I’ve been practicing yoga for about 15 years now so I would say that is my next passion after surfing, as well as hula hooping; I’ve been getting really into hoop dancing lately. I love living a healthy life. I like to be outside, eat organic food, juice, practice yoga, bike ride, spend time with friends and sleep well at night. Just overall living a holistic and healthy lifestyle is my daily goal and practice.

Best advice for all those youngin surfers out there: If I could go back and give my younger self advice, I would say not to take things so seriously. Sometimes the competitive aspect of surfing can overwhelm all the other good, fun things about surfing. Just remember why you started surfing and always do it for yourself. Go on a surf trip to surf and travel, not just to get photos. It’s okay to participate in the industry side of things but always keep that perspective and stay happy. There are plenty of bitter, washed up pros out there and you don’t have to become one of them!

If you could be anywhere in the world, where would you be? I’m very fortunate that I am able to travel on a regular basis and live anywhere in the world because I work on the internet. In any given year, I can spend a month or so in a variety of countries. Just this year I’ve spent 2015 split between Panama, SE Asia, Australia and California. Last year I was mostly in Mexico, Canada and Europe. It’s hard to pick any one place but if I were going to settle down and live somewhere it would be either in Byron Bay Australia near my best friend and longboarding sensation Isabelle Braly and pseudo little sister Lauren Hill or Cardiff, California by my brother Jimmy and his daughter, my baby niece, Koura.

Quote to live by:
—Forgive and forget (no matter what)!
—Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about being yourself 🙂