Haley Watson

About Haley Watson

Name: Haley Watson

Date of Birth: April 14th 1992

Home: Flagler Beach

Homebreak: Flagler Beach pier

Sponsors: …Lost Clothing, NVR Strings Swimwear, The Surf Station/ Girl Next Door, Zamba Surfboards, Arnette Eyewear, X-trak accessories

Alias: Hails

Websites: Surfline cams and facebook

Gentlemen/Boys: Are usually retarded at this age

Pets: Honey, our jack russell

Food: Chick fil A

Drinks: Sweet tea

Ride: 2002 Nissan Frontier

Music: Rap and Country

Films: Anchorman and The House Bunny

Television: Fuel tv

Phone: iPhone

Computer: Nope

Spending: Gas, shopping, and surf trips

Vices: I’m hardly ever on time

Spare Time: I hardly have any these days, but I spend it hanging out with my friends and going on crazy adventures

Beef: Chicken?

Surfing: is the best sport ever

Philosophy: Live each day like it was your last

Board(s): 5’4 – 5’6 epoxy

Wave: Lowers, Jobos, and Smynra inlet

Travels: Puerto Rico, California, Costa Rica, Eleuthera, And all up and down the East Coast

Training: Surfing everyday

Last Words: Thanks to all my family, friends, and sponsors that have always supported me, and Thank you Tory!