Chelsea Gresham

About Chelsea Gresham

Name: Chelsea Gresham

Date of Birth: April 18

Home: St. Augustine

Homebreak: St. Augustine Pier and the numbers

Sponsors: Zinka, Hyperflex, Angel, Cobian, GND, Clever Surfboards, my daddy

Alias: Sea, Chesla

Websites: The Surf Station

Gentlemen/Boys: are fun

Pets: Joe my doggy and Quillbur my hedgehog

Food: Moe’s and fruits and Rita’s

Drinks: Sambazon and water all the way!

Ride: My car… if there is gas in it

Music: everything…

Films: I love to go to the movies

Television: I don’t watch it… no TV at my house

Games: Apples to Apples, Twister, and Spoons

Camera: My daddy has one

Computer: is so nice. I am addicted

Spending: when I have the money

Pet Peeves:High gas prices, creepy people in Tallahassee, actually just creepy people anywhere haha

Spare Time: I go surfing, or sleep

Beef: when I get cut off by the same person over and over again

Surfing: is so much fun!

Philosophy: Everything happens for a reason

Board(s): my longboard, and my quad, and my thruster

Frontside: left

Backside: right

Wave: Like head high and opening up.

Travels: East Coast, Cali, Australia, and New Zealand, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and

Training: Babysitting Evan and Noah Brownell

Last Words: See you out in the water!