Friday Evening @ St. Augustine Beach

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Friday Evening @ St. Augustine Beach
Tory Strange
Report Of The Day:
Change From Yesterday:
Similar in size or a tad bigger
Change From Last Report:
Lighter onshore winds now
Current Wave Size:
1.5 to 2 feet, occ larger
Surface Conditions:
Surf Station Surf Factor:
3.5 (on a 1-10 scale)
Comments: Not looking bad at all... there are some fun waves at times!
6 Hour Forecast:

Thigh to waist high, occ rib high or so. Glassier as we get close to dark

Swell Info

fair, improved
Wave Size In Body Height:
Thigh to waist high, occ larger
Largest Wave:
Rib high or so , some chest high waves
Surf Is On Increase or Decrease:
up and down with the lulls and surges of the swell, currently up
Wind Swell / Ground Swell / Combo:
Swell Direction:
not much
Swell Interval:
fairly consistent
Hard To Paddle Out:

Temperature, Critters, & More

Water Temperature:
Water Clarity:
no new reports
St. Augustine Weather Station:

Surf Report Comments


6:50 am:  The surf looks similar in size to yesterday.   Small scale waves, but waves, again this morning.  The wave height is about knee to thigh high with an occasional larger set wave.   It has only fair form this morning as the wind is onshore, currently NNE @ around 6-7 knots early.  You can see the wind direction and speed on the pier data.   The local buoy is showing  not showing measurements today so we are looking further out to the East Canaveral Buoy.   The reading this morning on this buoy is 4.9 feet at 6 seconds up from yesterdays ground swell measurement of  2.0 feet at 8.3 seconds.   The marine forecast calls for the wind to be onshore and offshore tomorrow morning   (see up to the minute wind info here)..

7:35 am:  On second look, the surf looks a little bigger on this Friday morning.    The ocean looks stirred and there are some easily waist high waves.  Some spots will be fun today as the tide pushes in.  Light onshores so not real clean but some lefts and rights and we will take what we can get…

8:00 am:   Here is some early morning video:


10:15 am:   Onshore winds with continued surf as we head toward mid day.   It’s bigger than this time yesterday.  A little crossed up with the sideonshore NNE wind.  But at least there is swell and the high tide spots may be fun…

2:05 pm:  New photos are up in box #2 and you can see some over waist high fun waves at times.   The NNE to NE wind is crossing it up some but it’s still fun.   Hopefully outgoing tide won’t mess it up too much as the afternoon goes on…

8:05 pm:   The wind lightened up so the surf improved.  Check the new photos in box #3. You can see it has some size and it’s glassy at times.    This is all promising for tomorrow.  And on that positive note… see ya in the morning .. over and out…   








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See Dean’s Surf Station Surf Forecast takes a look at increasing tropical activity in August and how it will enhance our surf…

Quote Of The Day

“I have never had a bad surf session.”   ~Tory Strange

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