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Surf Station Letters

Here we publish the good and the bad, the compliments and the complaints, because we like to hear your opinion! Read on to see what people are saying about the Surf Station, St. Augustine, and even the World!

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FA’s Parking Lot

Letter: - January 19, 2017

I was wondering if anyone had any information on the status of the Pope Rd. (known as FA’s to us old timers) parking lot situation? I cant get anyone with the county government to respond to me. As far as I can see, the lot is simply covered with sand and would take about a couple of hours to clear with a backhoe. I don’t understand why it is being kept closed. If cost is an issue, I would gladly volunteer to clear it, along with the help of some fellow citizens and surfers. Any thoughts here?
I need my favorite surf spot parking back.
Thanks, Doug

Surf Station Response:

Hey Doug! I have heard talk about that parking lot and they are keeping it close due to the construction work next door. Not sure if they are opening it up anytime soon. I do miss that spot and it was super fun. You might want to ask one of the workers and see what they might say. Hope this helps bud!


– Adam

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Post Hurricane Debris

Letter: - October 13, 2016

I suggest you warn people about the various risks of surfing in this post-hurricane environment, where there was so much flooding and property damage. For example, do you know if any septic tanks ruptured or were displaced into the ocean with the damaged property structures? Or, the possibility of planks of wood with nails sticking out of them among the debris? When you wipe out, could you land on something that’s sticking up underneath the water that can pierce you like a sword? With all of the destruction so recent and the debris not far offshore, pollution and other risks from debris aren’t fear mongering, but are genuine issues of material fact. I hope you can find a way to place a box at the top of your surf report that warns people of such risks so that at least they can make an informed decision whether or not they want to assume the risk of surfing under our current, post-hurricane conditions. Unfortunately, I don’t think you can assume people know about thes e all risks. Thank you for considering.


Surf Station Response:


Surfing can be dangerous in and of itself. There are certain risks involved and each person needs to decide if they can and should take part. This is a general statement without even considering a hurricane just went through. With this fact, there are a lot of objects in the water right now, possible pollution, and more. It might be a good idea to let the ocean mellow out a bit. A calmer day may make it easier to spot anything dangerous in the line up. One may want to consult the Lifeguards if they are suspect . The ocean is a great cleanser though, and in time it will be safe, is our opinion.

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Swell Speed

Letter: - August 30, 2016

A question for Dean, or anyone else that knows. How long does it generally take for swell to traverse 5 degrees of longitude?

-Rod W.

Surf Station Response:

Hi Rod,

Thanks for the question. I’m not that great in math (made it to Calc 3 before giving up on majoring in meteorology), so the approximate answer to your question:

The speed (in nautical miles per hour or kts) of an individual deep water wave is about 3 times it’s period (in seconds). An individual wave produced by Hurricane Gaston on 11 am Monday August 29th with a 14 second period will travel at approximately 42 knots (48.33 mph). A degree of longitude is approximately 55 miles. So 5 degrees of longitude is approximately 275 miles. Divided by 48.33 mph makes it approximately 5 hours and 41 minutes.

There is a linear relationship between wave period and wave speed. But because most deep water waves move in groups, the group speed is half that of an individual wave (within the group), or in this example about 19.5 kts. As the wave moves into shallow water, the group speed and the individual wave speed become the same, so the individual wave starts traveling at the group speed, or 19.5 kts. This wave speed formula is approximate, and actually wave speeds are a fraction different, but this is close enough for all but the most detailed surf forecaster.

So a wave that is generated by Gaston (roughly 26 degrees longitude due east of north Florida) at 11 am Monday morning will arrive in St Augustine around noon the following day.


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United Skim Tour 2016 Stop #5 at Vilano Beach

Letter: - August 20, 2016

The fifth stop on the United Skim World Tour kicked off this past Friday, the 19th, at Vilano Beach. The three day event runs throughout the daylight hours, and usually packs the beach with canopies, skimboarders, and everything in between. Competitors, and even spectators, come from all over the southeast, as well as all over the country, to watch some of the world’s best skimboarders take on Vilano’s famous shorebreak.




Local legend Jedediah Currington, @shredediah, carving a little off the top.


Top riders on the tour come to our local beach each year to take on local legends such as, Jedediah Currington, Chris Splendore, Brad Evers, and many more. This year some notable pros competing include: Blair Conklin, Perry Pruitt, Sam Stinnett, and Austin Keen; all ranked #1-4 on the tour in the Men’s Pro division. On top of the pro division, the tour also offers Amateur, Masters, and Micro divisions as well.


Cole Hutchinson, @manc0le, blasting off.


Vilano Beach is usually reserved the third weekend in August for the tour itself. If you happen to be in the area go ahead and check it out. It is a real eye opener what some of those guys, and gals, can do on a skimboard!


Austin Keen, @austinkeen47, going to space during day two of competition.

For more info the link to the UST is here:


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Great Staff!

Letter: - August 9, 2016


I asked Adam for your email address so I could write and tell you personally what a great experience we had in surf school.

My daughter Kate is 8 years old and loves the idea of surfing but we live in Dallas, TX. We come to Crescent Beach every year, and this was the year to try to surf.

Reality set in and Kate became very scared of the surf and the idea of sharks. Adam and his staff did a fantastic job getting Kate to overcome all her fears and by days end she was surfing!

All the staff at the Surf Station in Saint Augustine were fabulous! It’s rare these days when you come to places like these on vacation where people are really nice and care about you. Your staff went beyond our expectations and made a lasting memory for all of us and especially, my daughter.

Many thanks!

Pete Vickers

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Critter report (7/22 daybreak)

Letter: - July 25, 2016

Hey guys,
I got a definite critter report from this morning. My friend and I were surfing FAs right after daybreak this morning (Surf was good too!!). When all of a sudden a nose popped out of the water right next to my board. It was a manatee!! The manatee seemed very interested in us and followed us for about ten minutes. The whole time he was rubbing against our feet and boards and would not leave us alone. He kept sticking his nose out of the water next to our boards and it seemed like he was trying to smell us. We eventually had to paddle in to get away from him because we didn’t want to hurt him with our fins. It was an awesome experience!

Surf Station Response:


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Letter: - March 21, 2016

Please pass this on to your owner! I just wanted to say that I appreciate the fact that a local surf shop sells bodyboards. I grew up both surfing and bodyboarding but have stuck with bodyboarding as I have some orthopedic injuries that do not allow to me to surf. I never find a shop that sells bodyboards and have had to order my boards online. Thanks for thinking of us spongers. I will continue to be a forever customer when I travel to St. Auggy. Your forever fan, Lindsey

I got your message and think it’s awesome! We will keep it up! Our staff member Jared Jeffs is really into bodyboarding and keeps us stoked on it! Here is Jared’s instagram page:
And here is his blog page, linked on our website:

Thank you so much for your letter!!!


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Great Surf Forecast!

Letter: - January 8, 2016

January 8th, 2016

You know what I admire about your Surf Forecast? Even on a day like today when it is crappy, small, cold and windy, and one single look at it in the morning makes it clear that no on is likely to surf today…you make the effort to update the forecast throughout the day when it’s obviously not going to get any better. Even sending out a photographer. Thanks a million for your dedication. I buy my surf gear only at your shop. That’s the best I can do in return.


Thank you so much Anthony! Very much appreciated! I hope you are getting some of the very good surf we (finally) have today!


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Surf Station Sells Beer?

Letter: - September 1, 2015

Not sure where Tory fits in at the SS anymore, but if this was his call I’m disgusted. Have been a supporter since ’98. Purchased multiple boards, wetties, clothing, etc. Check the site daily. Even living out of the area, I preferred to give my business to the SS. I cannot believe beer is now available for purchase. It’s bad enough when people of age choose to poison themselves w/ that sh#t, but do you really think the groms are going to avoid it when they see guys they look up to swilling it? What happens when “skull it, grom!” is said to a f#cking 10 year old? Be cool, or be a p#ssy? Getting just one kid hooked isn’t worth whatever massive profit margin exists from your sale of alcohol at a f#cking surf shop.

Going straight to social media with this. Also have contacts w/ the Orlando Sentinel. Having your name out there may drive some business your way, but I know most of that business, and your current business, comes from kids. Kids who aren’t old enough to work. Kids who get their parents to buy boards, wetties, clothing, and whatever the f#ck else from you guys. If I was a parent of one of those kids I think I’d pass on giving my business to a surf shop that also wants to moonlight as a pub.

Do the right thing. Stop selling that sh#t.

Surf Station Response:


We have sold beer for 31 years at the Surf Station. Yes we card and only sell to adults. When I bought the gas station 31 years ago, it already had a beer license. Rather than do away with it, i thought it may be unique to be the only surf shop around that had that option for it’s adult customers. What other surf shop sells beer? Lots of surfers do like a cold beer after a surf session. Now, we really make very little profit on beer. It’s a novelty thing that is one of the many things that makes Surf Station unique. If it makes you feel any better, we did quit selling cigarettes shortly after I bought the place. I think those things are disgusting, and even though it cost us business at the time, I quit selling them.



This is a short response to “Jay,” the irrational beer hater. Just to remind you sir, beer is also available in every grocery store, convenience store, and almost every restaurant, not to mention specialty liquor stores, in St. Augustine, all of which allow minors to enter their doors. I assume you will be mentioning these establishments in your scathing report to the Orlando “Sentinel.” Can’t wait to see the huge backlash from your inquiry. Your blatant distrust and lack of confidence in the Surf Station owner and employees in regards to their responsibilities in selling beer products to the customers of legal age is unfortunate. I would think, since you have been a customer there for almost twenty years, that you would have gained a little more respect for these fine people. Please, if 10 year old children were being pressured into drinking beer at this store, your opinionated, and rather vulgar in choice of language, letter would be the last thing to cause concern. I agree, beer is for adults. But I also agree that your anger is misconstrued.


Surfer and Surf Station cold beer patron,


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Surf vs Buoy Readings

Letter: - August 4, 2015


as you know there has been only small surf lately, so every foot and inch makes a difference. i want to know why the buoy readings can be 2′ at 9 sec.
and it be smaller waves than when it was 1.5 at 8 sec. or so it seems.

thanks, anthony

Surf Station Response:


There are other variables in play that positively or negatively influence the ultimate size of breaking waves along the beach. While offshore swell height and period measurements from the Atlantic Ocean buoys to our east give us a benchmark to forecast surf size, swell and wind direction and duration combined with tidal cycles are very important variables that can work to decay (or enhance) swell. Consequently, predicting how much of the swell (as measured offshore) makes it in to your favorite break often needs to be tweaked using these and other less critical variables. My forecast incorporates the influence of near shore local wind, in conjunction with tide, to try to forecast the peak “pulse” of each swell- especially in the summer when inches matter!


Editors note:

Super good question Anthony (i have often wondered this myself) and super good answer Dean! I would like to add the following (which backs up what Dean is saying)…. Sometimes those 2 foot at 9 seconds swells are heading / angling somewhere else other than the place you are surfing.

And keep in mind that 2 foot @ 9 seconds reading is a measurement for one very small spot in a very large ocean. On the day the same buoy had 1.5 feet at 8 second readings and the waves looked bigger at your favorite spot, there may have been a spot in the ocean larger than that (maybe 3 foot swells!) pointing right at your break, but we didn’t see this, because there was no buoy there (in the great big ocean) to record it.

So the buoys are a guide, but not a positivication* for what will be showing up at your surf spot.


* Not a real word in the English language but felt the need to use it here. The buoys are a very good indication, but not positively so.

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Local Buoy 41012

Letter: - March 9, 2015

good day,

i consider myself one of many frustrated by the de-commisioning of local buoy 41012. this was often my main tool in deciding when and where to surf and its lack of presense was noticable during the recent swell event. i believe that the surf station would be an excellent leader in the spearheading of a fundraising effort to re instate said buoy. i work at a staugustine bar and music venue…when problems arise with our p.a system we have a local band show and raise the money ourselves. perhaps you guys could do a movie night or event at the station,or somewhere in town, to rally the local community into recommisioning our beloved buoy. if everyone who cared threw in $5-10 i believe our problem would be solved. thank you for your time and let me know if i can be of any service to this effort.


Andrew Virga

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You Guys Are Awesome!

Letter: - June 19, 2013

I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me find my board. You, Patrick, and Austin helped so much please pass my thanks to them too. Without you guys I would have never found my first board. It has been my dream for 6 years now to get a surfboard and learn to surf. I literally cannot tell you how much I appreciate your help with all my constant questions over the past few weeks. I’ve been on every day asking question after question and you guys were always happy to help. Thank you for helping me chase my dream. Y’all have made me the happiest 15 year old in the world. Thank you.


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Great Surf Camp

Letter: - June 12, 2013

Hey – just wanted to leave a message saying that my daughters are having a great time at camp this week (at the state park). They love their instructors and had a really great day today! Thanks!!


Surf Station Response:

I cannot thank you enough for your kind words! I will let Kelly and Brittany know that they are doing a great job and getting great feedback! I appreciate so much you taking the time let us know.


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April Fools – Mary Lee

Letter: - April 2, 2013

I don’t really want to admit it, but I bit on your Mary Lee-white shark story. I even called my buddy that I have surf with for 35 years and he believed it also. It was around 2 pm, after I had written April 1st about three times when I snapped. In my on defense, 50 years ago I use to be a blond. Thanks guys for making me laugh.

An Old Gray Surfer from Houston, Tx

Robert Graves

Surf Station Response:


Thanks for writing in. We’re glad you had a little laugh with us! It
is one of our favorite days of the year. Just so you know, Mary Lee is
actually up by Virginia last we checked.

Take care,


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Best St. Augustine Ding Repair

Letter: - October 18, 2012

Hey Tory & Surf Station Gang,
I just wanted to let you all know that I am very thankful and impressed with the repairs done to my beloved Robert August surfboard. I was quite up set when I bought it to the store but lucky for me Burgess was in the shop picking up other boards. He looked over my board and was very reassuring. I left feeling better. The good feelings only got better when I picked up my board and saw what a great job Burgess did including matching the aquamarine color. I have been a fan of the store for many years, have a surf station board in my quiver and love the website but the customer service and quality work really needed to be mentioned.
So thanks to Burgess and thanks to you all for a great surf shop.

Michelle Ping

Surf Station Response:

Thanks so much Michelle, you just made our day!


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