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Report Title:
Monday Evening
Report Of The Day:
Change From Yesterday:
Similar in size or yesterday (morning to morning comparison)
Change From Last Report:
onshore wind surf continuing with incoming tide.
Current Wave Size:
2 to 3 feet
Surface Conditions:
Surf Station Surf Factor:
3.00 (on a 1-10 scale)
Comments: Although not great, there are some occasional fun waves.
6 Hour Forecast:

Choppy conditions and continuing with the surf around waist to rib high and choppy. My see some bigger rouge set waves today. Winds will be up and down strong onshore with high tide, bout to turn and start going back out.

Dean's Long Range Forecast:

Swell Info

Wave Size In Body Height:
Waist to Rib High
Largest Wave:
Chest high
Surf Is On Increase or Decrease:
Simiar in size. But may get a push with incoming tide
Wind Swell / Ground Swell / Combo:
moslty windswell but some underlying groundswell
Swell Direction:
From the N
Swell Interval:
Some way spread out readings on the Buoys
Hard To Paddle Out:

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Wind Direction / Speed For Florida:
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Tomorrow's Tide Data:
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Temperature, Critters, & More

Water Temperature:
Water Clarity:
no new reports overnight
St. Augustine Weather Station:

Surf Report Comments


6:45 am:   The surf looks semi choppy early this Monday morning.  The wave height is about waist to rib high.  The wind is E @ 9-10 knots early with the marine forecast calling for the wind to be E @ 10-15 knots today (See and real time wind data from 3rd Street here).  The inside Canaveral Buoy and is showing a reading of 3.6 feet at 13.8 seconds which is way more spread out in duration than yesterdays 3.9 feet at 9.1 seconds.    You can see the ocean moving on the Surf Station Cam.

10:00 am:   At mid morning in the 3rd Street area, it is not looking very good.  Onshore wind and not much size.  Outgoing tide is not helping.  It’s a bright nice sunny day at the beach, but thinking the incoming tide session will be better, later today.  Or maybe at low tide? Or low tide incoming? Dead low is around noon.  High tide this is evening so compared to now, this afternoon we should see some improvement

2:30 pm:  Usually when we call for improvement it is because our gut tells us it is so.  Well sometimes we are wrong and today is the case.   The surf got worse as a shower offshore increased the wind onshore.   New afternoon to mid afternoon photos are up in box #2 and you can see it is really messy.   Choppy and sloppy with the brisk onshore wind.   We can only hope the wind will let up some…

6:20 pm:  Still pretty choppy overall. The tide has come in helping out the inside a bit, though it was looking not that great by the pier. you could probably find a fun sandbar this evening. The wind is still really strong out of the ENE Which isn’t helping out much.  Tomorrow it should glass off. New photos are up in box 3..



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*  Hurricane Gaston, spinning nearly stationary 1500 miles due east of Jacksonville with 115 mph winds, is generating 35′ open ocean seas. His 14 second long period easterly ground swell will filter in through the first half of the work week. Will the onshore wind relax, then clock offshore?  Dean’s Surf Station Surf Forecast looks ahead. 

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She lived with hurricane eyes and fell in love with the way the waves collapsed onto her cheeks.

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