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Report Title:
Thursday Late Morning to Mid Day
Tory Strange
Report Of The Day:
Change From Yesterday:
The Large surf continues
Change From Last Report:
choppy surf continuing
Current Wave Size:
3-4 feet, occ larger
Surface Conditions:
Surf Station Surf Factor:
3.25 (on a 1-10 scale)
Comments: Although not great, there are some occasional fun waves.
6 Hour Forecast:

Onshores with sizable surf. Waves 3-4 feet occasionally larger as the wind continues onshore

Dean's Long Range Forecast:

Swell Info

mostly poor
Wave Size In Body Height:
chest to shoudler high
Largest Wave:
A few feet overhead
Surf Is On Increase or Decrease:
has increased
Wind Swell / Ground Swell / Combo:
Swell Direction:
Moderate, from the North
Swell Interval:
short and close together
Hard To Paddle Out:

Wind Info

Wind Direction, Speed, & Air Temp:
Wind Direction / Speed For Florida:
Local Radar Link:


Today's Tide Data:
Tomorrow's Tide Data:
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Temperature, Critters, & More

Water Temperature:
Water Clarity:
no new reports overnight
St. Augustine Weather Station:

Surf Report Comments


6:55 am:     The waves look large in size like yesterday. Our wave height is about 3-4 feet, occasionally larger.    The wind is E @ 16-18 knots early, with the marine forecast calling for NE winds @ 20 knots today. (See pier data here and real time wind data from 3rd Street here). The East Canaveral Buoy is showing groundswell of 7.9 feet at 10 seconds up from yesterdays windwaves of  7.2 feet at 7.1 seconds up from yesterday.      You can see the ocean moving early on the SS HD Cam page.

8:00 am:   Early morning photos are up in box #1 and yes there is plenty of swell for your Thanksgiving Day.  Dumping over with plenty of power on the inside makes for a not easy paddle out.   You can work up and appetite or work off your turkey today as there is quite a work out awaiting in Ma Ocean.   The water temp is slightly cooler at 68 degrees this morning.

11:00 am:   The wind is not as strong onshore as it has been so the surf is not as blown out.   We took a stroll over to Vilano Beach this morning and yes it was a washing machine with very few people out.   But check out some of the waves!   You can see there were some fun waves if anyone would have wanted to brave it.   Lots of size and power.  And a fun wrap into the inlet.

Back on St. Augustine Beach, it looks choppier, with some whitecaps on the far outside past the break.   The waves are breaking outside already as the tide drops.  Plenty of size and power today




* On this Thanksgiving Day, we thankful here at the Surf Station.   Thankful for the great gift the ocean and thankful we can be a part in sharing the stoke and make a living doing it.  We want to give back and for this reason we are OPEN (Yes it’s employee volunteers who allow us to be open, no one is made to work) today from 10 am till 3 pm.   If you snap a leash and need another – we are open today, for your convenience.   Thank you for 31 wonderful years.

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* The Surf Station Surf Forecast from Dean calls for the prolonged run of sizeable, roughed up surf to spread out in period (3-4’+ ground swell @ 12 seconds!) and linger into the holiday weekend with much lighter winds..

* The Buy and Sell section has used surfboards for sale or trade, direct with other surfers.  Here is the link .

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Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart.


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