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WSL Contest Photos Category

WSL: Jordy Smith Wins Bells!

A big CONGRATULATIONS to Jordy Smith! The 2017 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach Winner! Jordy surfed against Caio Ibelli in the finals and ended up ringing the bell. Click here to watch a recap of the final. Jordy was riding a Channel Islands 6’3 x 19 x 2 1/2 Taco Grinder to win the event. […]

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WSL Bells Beach Rounds 2 & 3

Easter weekend provided some stellar moments on the Bells wall with Lakey Peterson finishing in 3rd place, and the Mens event wrapping up round 3. Team CI is looking the goods with Zeke Lau, Jordy Smith, Sebastian Zeitz, & Adriano De Souza pushing strong into round 4! Let’s go TEAM CI! Click here to shop […]

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WSL Bells Beach – Part 1

While the women were ripping up their opening rounds at Bells Beach, the rest of the CI Team was getting their feet into their wax at Winkipop… Click here to shop Channel Islands Surfboards!

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Jordy Smith Flippin’ Out

Jordy Smith has been on an absolute tare lately! He’s into the Qtrs at the Margies Pro & his free surfs in and around the competition site have been incredible! The man spends more time in the air then in the water… large rotators, flips, massive turns, basically everything the big man does is LARGE. […]

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WSL Margies Pro – North Point: Day 1

North Point came alive for day 1 at #MargiesPro with some solid over head, off shore tubes! “We’re just making history, bro,” said Sebastian Zietz with a huge grin. In the last heat of Round One of the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro Seabass scored the first 10 of the event, on the first ever […]

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WSL Snapper Warm-ups – Part 1

The waiting period for the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro began today. Most of the team have been on the Gold Coast for a few weeks already, getting as much practice in as they can. The swells not looking too promising for the next day or so but the sand is looking really good and the […]

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The Pipe Masters: Finals

Wow, what an exciting end to an epic year! We lost some legends and we gained some new ones… Kai Otton retired (after a stellar 10 year career), Nat Young just fell short of re-qualifying, Kanoa Igarashi got 2nd and double qualified opening up a spot for Zeke Lau, Conner Coffin barely missed winning rookie […]

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CI Dream Team at Rockies

Yesterday saw that postcard-hawaiian-perfection, with blue water and light winds all day… and Rockies was the place to be! A handful of the CI Team showed up and got their fair share of waves, including: Dane Reynolds, Jordy Smith, Conner & Parker Coffin, Adriano De Souza, Michael Dunphy, Seabass, Dane Gudauskas, Connor O’leary and Kanoa […]

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WSL Quiksilver Pro France: Warm Ups

The Quiksilver Pro France is set to kick off and everyone’s psyching to be back to the the land of baguettes and heaving beach break tubes!! The last few days certainly did not disappoint, with light offshore tubes and head high + swell, these guys and gals sure have it rough!! ha, jk! Check out […]

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WSL Lowers – Jordy Smith wins the Hurley Pro

Jordy Smith won the Hurley Pro for the second time in three years!! He looked amazing all week with his power surfing taking him all the way to the finish. He stuck to his trusty Bunny Chow the entire event and it looked magic, it looked like an extension to his body and feet (sounds […]

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