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Voodoo Child with Mason Ho

…Lost Voodoo Child with Mason Ho from Lost Video Productions on Vimeo. The “ VOODOO CHILD “ …Mason Ho’s first ever Pro Model. Designed with creative input and vision from the freewheeling, freethinking freesurfer… Mason Ho. The “VooDoo Child” is Mason’s mash-up of classic and current performance surfboard characteristics. Mason likes effortless forward glide projecting […]

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New in the Shop This Week

Oneill Hyperfreak Brooklyn YN Clouds – Artist Collaboration Series $49.50 Stay warm and dry with these new boardshorts released by O’neill. Using hyperfreak stretch technology these boardshorts will ensure a comfortable fit session after session. The anti-rash stretch threads woven in can count you out from being embarrassed and having to put on rash cream during […]

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The Sci-Fi enters CFD: A Scientific Dissection of Surfboard Performance

Take a super in-depth, scientific look at Kelly Slater x Firewire’s Sci-Fi model Surfboard. Click here to shop the Sci-Fi Surfboard!

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In the Shaping Room: Bonzer Biscuit

Malcolm Campbell and Britt Merrick break down the Biscuit Bonzer. The Biscuit originally began changing lineups in 2007. Revolutionary at the time with ultra-flat rocker and standard sizes going as short as 5’2″, the Biscuit rapidly became a favorite for many of the team riders and surfers around the world. Soon after, we began to […]

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SAMPLER in 5 different constructions

Check out this FANTASTIC review of the Channel Islands Sampler Surfboard in all its construction forms. Noel from Surf Show and Tell Reviews takes the Sampler in 5 different surfboards all made in different constructions with the exact same dimensions. Salas talks about these boards and what makes them so different and how they feel […]

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Slater Designs – Algae Traction Pads

In keeping with Kelly’s commitment to sustainability, Slater Designs collaborated with BLOOM Foam to develop the most eco-friendly traction pad on the market today. BLOOM is a high-performance flexible foam made from algae biomass harvested from freshwater sources throughout the world. The BLOOM Foam process:  • Helps improve the quality of waterways by removing […]

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Behind The Curtain – Dan Thomson Firewire Surfboards

Go ‘Behind The Curtain’ with Dan ‘Tomo’ Thomson as he breaks down Firewire Surfboard’s new Linear Flex Technology. Click here to shop Firewire Surfboards! Click here to shop Firewire Sci-Fi Surfboards! Click here to shop FCS Fins!

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Surfboard Review: Channel Islands Black & White Surfboard

An all around, high performance shortboard designed for down the line speed and easy rail-to-rail transitions, the Black & White is based on a favorite hand shape Britt Merrick made Dane Reynolds for Santa Barbara area point breaks Filmed by Andrew Schoener and Sean Lesh. Click here to shop the Black & White in our […]

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New! Nixon C-3PO Watch

Hello, I am C-3PO human cyborg relations, I am please to announced the Surf Stations new entry of very my own watch from the Star Wars Universe and you can read a review of it right here!

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Surfboard Review: Pyzel JJF Slab 2.0 Surfboard

Check out Steve Meehan’s review of the new and improved Slab model from John John Florence! Click Here to shop the Pyzel Slab 2.0 Surfboard in our online store!

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