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Surftech Average Joe Board Review

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The Fro Back /// In Action


The Surf Station Fro Back is our retro fish model, created to make those small summer days funner days.  

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Bobby Martinez Reviews The New Flyer


Bobby Martinez walks up through the Channel Islands New Flyer. Also includes some bonus clips of him shredding around California on his New Flyer..

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THE HEAT IS FINALLY HERE! Get your whole family out there in the water on a body board. Any size, any experience, just hang on and whistle down the line on one of our many body boards we have in

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Summer Soft Top Time!

SOFT TOPS!!! We have a huge variety of soft tops at the Surf Station in all shapes and sizes. Soft Tops are perfect boards for beginners and small kids. It is best to use soft tops while getting used to

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Fred Stubble Surfboard Review


The Fred Stubble is a condensed version of the Fred Rubble surfboard by Channel Islands. A small to average wave shortboard, that bridges the gap between the Rubble and the Dumpster Diver.

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Pyzel Surfboards Review


Now carrying Pyzel Surfboards from Hawaii. Widely known for their team rider John John Florence, Pyzel offers surfboards for a variety of conditions. Mike P gives an overview of: The Grunt, the Flash, the Pyzalien, the Pinky and the Next

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Channel Islands #4 Surfboard Review

Channel Islands #4 Surfboard by Dane Reynolds MODEL DESCRIPTION: A performance based California utility board, the “4” was the fourth board in a series of numbered concept boards built for Dane just prior to the 2012 US Open. Each concept

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Surfboard Review: …Lost V2 Rocket Stub


This is a guy that knows a lot about surfboards, and everything probably.. Tom gets his hands on a new shape from Mayhem that looks epic for Florida. CLICK HERE to view …Lost V2 Rocket Stub Surfboards in our online

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Ken White Surfboards / The OG Noserider


The Surf Station is proud to offer surfboards by local shaper Ken White. Chris reviews the OG Noserider, his current pick for summer time sliding. CLICK HERE to view Ken White Surfboards in our online store!

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