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Bella Vita Film on Italian Surf Culture

BELLA VITA FILM from Bella Vita Film on Vimeo.

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Redefining radical: Ishita Malaviya

Ishita Malaviya is the FIRST female surfer in India. There are 1.3 Billion people in India and she is the very first female surfer. This is even more impressive when one considers the rampant discrimination women face in many parts

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Riding Hearts

I love seeing sisters of the sea creating their own cultural contributions. Especially when they have the kind of diverse wave riding talent that 21-year-old Dimity Stoyle has. Without a major sponsor, Dimity just took down the ASP 6-Star Burton Toyota

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Surf Industry & The Quiksilver Pro

Check out Carissa Moore ….And the surfing industry continues to chip away at women’s (as opposed to girls) involvement and engagement with the sport of surfing. I  got to check out a few heats from the Quiksilver/Roxy Pro. It’s exciting

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Kelly Slater’s Anti-GMO Film Trailer

Produced by: Hawai’i GMO Justice Coalition Dustin Barca Surf and Interview Footage by: HodsgonHAWAII Music by: K. Mcleod (Incompetech) Grimes For more info go to:

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Gender Games: There’s No Debate

I love this beautiful, strong shot of Crystal Dzigas. In this article she says that “the modeling thing never came natural to me. I am naturally pretty muscular and it does not turn out well in photos. The male surf

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Interview with Surfing/Humanitarian Emi Koch

Emi Koch, a recent Georgetown graduate, is another stereotype shattering young female surfer with visions for a better world. Emi founded and runs the non-profit organization Beyond the Surface, which forges projects where sustainable development, youth empowerment, social justice and surfing entwine.

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Interspecies communication

I graduated from university as the recession hurled into full swing. The prospect of getting any job (never mind a GOOD one) was meager. Having done all the right things and gotten all of the right grades to assure my

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How modern contests changed the way all surfers interact


Modern Hawaiian competitive style surfing vs. Ancient Hawaiian competitive style surfing                            image from In Hawaiian Surfing: Traditions from the Past, John R.K. Clark ambitiously compiles a complete

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Meet the Woman Battling Japan’s Whaling Fleet in Antarctic Ocean

British Sea Shepherd volunteer Natalie Fox. Photograph: Sea Shepherd Joanne Brookfield The Observer, Saturday 29 December 2012 16.55 GMT One of Natalie Fox’s most cherished memories is of kayaking just off the coast of America accompanied by inquisitive blue whales. They came

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    Some waves for the 4th of July!

    49th annual Sun N Surf 4th of July surf contest going on today on the north side of the pier

    Frrrriday morn @ St. Augustine Beach. East Canaveral buoy ticked up to 2.6 feet at 9.1 seconds.

    Thursday early morning "boat in the line up" @ St. Augustine Beach

    Thursday morning