Wave Trons

Andrew “Tronberry” Gregorie and friends in his back yard, 11th street. Surfing by Andrew, Gabe Kling, Eric Taylor, Dustin Estes and Robbie (whose last name we don’t know).

Filmed and edited by Drew Miller. Water photography by Rachel Bardin
Brought to you by http://surfstationstore.com

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    Tuesday. Small surf but a beautiful day @ St. Augustine Beach! http://t.co/9eMlXXyMfA

    Some 1 foot or so waves to start out your Monday @ St. Augustine Beach. Low tide is @ 12:29 pm. Water temp now 74 http://t.co/37WbmKnlrd

    The sky early this morning http://t.co/35O1Pfsfjw

    Sunday early morning @ St. Augustine Beach http://t.co/yFVrKN2nsO

    Very small surf with a few ridable waves to be found @ St. Augustine Beach http://t.co/oOPL5EPcvH