Jamaican Jammin’

Confession time- I don’t like reggae, so when I was asked to go to Jamaica I was a little bit worried. Especially when I realized we were staying at Jamnesia Surf Club which is owned by Billy “Mystic” Wilmont–Jamaican reggae singer. But it all turned out for the better because Billy is one of the best singer/guitar players I’ve ever heard. He also has a lot of really cool kids including a daughter named Imani (AKA Leelee) who is 21. We became friends really quickly which was great because then she took us to a lot of really cool places.

Me, Zoe Bonik, and Imani at Cane River Falls

She took us to a waterfall right by her house one day in between surf sessions and then showed us a bunch of different places around the waterfall where we could jump

Me climbing to a jump off point

A few days later we decided to jump off of more stuff into water and we went to Boston Bay and jumped off a 20ft diving board thing

Me taking a leap

Zoe coming down

We also went to Reach Falls and went into 2 different underwater caves. In one they filmed a scene from the movie Cocktail with Tom Cruise in it. The waterfalls and everything else was beautiful. I really can’t wait to go back. Right now I’m hoping to go in December and meet up with the guys we met from NY. I’m a little hesitant to write that we had good waves because there were so few surfers there. It’s one of those places where the locals are extremely nice and even happy to see new people out. On the last day Zoe and I surfed head high perfect waves by ourselves for half an hour, then 3 of the guys paddled out. I didn’t want to leave. Tommy had to drag me out of the water haha. I would almost rather go there than PR. I mean in PR you might get a little bit bigger waves, but you have to deal with crowds and it’s more expensive. In Jamaica everything was so close together an really easy to get to.

a place called Copa in the evening

Smaller day at Lighthouse

So all in all awesome trip with awesome people! So jammin’

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4 comments on “Jamaican Jammin’
  1. RJF says:

    How the hell do u not like reggae?

  2. Lynnessa says:

    Keep updating the blog – love hearing about your adventures…you’re such a lucky chick!

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