Two Bros One Cam – Day Two

Here is the second of our four part webisode series from the Two Brothers resort in Nicaragua. The idea behind the videos is to do our best to bring the feel of each individual day to every edit. The Gregory family (Robert, Susan, Marsh, and Auggie) are amazing hosts and their property is one of the the most beautiful in the world. We’ve had no lack of surf and every day has been getting a little better. Enjoy!



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8 comments on “Two Bros One Cam – Day Two
  1. Steven Bell says:

    I see this as an awesome experience, that all who went will never forget. In most people’s lives, certain things stick out, and for a surfer, I’m sure this will be one of them for these guys.

  2. JayBellSwirls says:

    If I shredded the gnar like that, I would wear a speedo all the time. Uber FUN! Great job guys.

  3. brett says:

    what’s the name of that break??

  4. Brandi says:

    AWESOME footage!!! The surfing’s not bad either 😉

  5. K.T. says:

    DITTO Brandi!!!

  6. Kirby says:

    face yo fear brah,when you see that shark come at you, stab it in it’s troat brah, you keep on surfing brah.

  7. Tom K. says:

    Evidently, women’s swimwear makes it much easier to throw down Man Turns! Ropes, you may be onto something…Tho Zandizzle was no slouch in that dept. either, yeeewwww!!!!

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