The “Golden” State

I really think that California’s nickname should be changed. Right now it’s the golden state for the gold rush in ’49 blah blah blah. However, I think it’s much more fitting for it to be called the “Gold Digger” state. Honestly I haven’t seen this much plastic since we went to Lego Land when we were little. Even though California is associated with a lot of unnatural beauty I think it’s the natural beauty that captivates people and draws them in. For example Trestles and Salt Creek are both breathtaking with cliffs that jut up right against the ocean. Yesterday we went to Trestles and caught some fun ones with Brayden Bryant. We also saw the Gudauskas brothers, the Hobgoods, Dane Reynolds, Kolohe Andino (killing it), Kelly Slater, and my future husband, Taj Burrow.

St. Augustine local Brayden Bryant ripping

Me snagging a right


Evan getting a set

After we went back to Huntington and waited for Cierra Cunningham to come stay with us. Then we met one of Jason Brownell’s Flagler friends named Gruesome for dinner. He has been growing his goatee since college and I’d say it’s pretty impressive.

Gruesome showing off the goods


Today we’re going to Huntington to root on Keto Burns, and then we’re heading to the Zinka factory (score)!

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    Some waves for the 4th of July!

    49th annual Sun N Surf 4th of July surf contest going on today on the north side of the pier

    Frrrriday morn @ St. Augustine Beach. East Canaveral buoy ticked up to 2.6 feet at 9.1 seconds.

    Thursday early morning "boat in the line up" @ St. Augustine Beach

    Thursday morning