Small waves = More people :(

California is really nice and all, but I don’t know if I could live here. It’s way too cold (I’m wearing a spring suit in July), and it’s way too expensive (gas is still $4). The past few days the swell has been dropping a lot and it seems that the amount of people in the water is inversely proportional to the wave size.

Me surfing Huntington with the last of the swell.

Yesterday we surfed waist high Salt Creek with 100 other people. Unfortunately Cierra landed on the rocks and put a huge ding in her board, however she was able to put a bunch of wax in it so I guess it’s as good as new. Evan was able to dodge the rocks and the other people and caught some waves that actually looked fun, but it always looks big and fun when you’re only 5′ tall.

Evan getting a fun one in Huntington

Since the waves are on the decrease we were able to go make the sponsors happy by visiting them. First we went to Zinka in Rancho Dominguez

Evan, Me, Cierra, and Lisa Stern- our Zinka tour guide

Then after getting a life-time supply of sunscreen we went to Oakley. Not going to lie Oakley has the coolest factory EVER. The outside is insane; they even have a helicopter pad.

Us outside the factory

Yeah we’re on a tank. No big deal.

Then we went to Salt Creek with our hundred closest friends. Today we surfed Huntington for Evan’s heat. Unfortunately he didn’t make it thru. The waves are even smaller today so it was barely breaking. You really had to be in the right spot to even catch one much less do something on it. I surf tomorrow and it’s supposed to be even smaller… yippee.

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One comment on “Small waves = More people :(
  1. GT says:

    Yeah,I can understand the “Live there part”, but 1 day head high south swell spanks anything we ever get.The waves are just so good there.

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