Forever Young

I’ll be the first to admit that I look younger than I am, and while at times it’s annoying (like getting carded to see an R rated movie) other times it’s a blessing. For instance when I go surfing I tend to get “adopted” by locals, basically they tell me where to sit and give me waves (not bad right?). One time in Rincon, PR at Domes a local adopted me and was telling me to go on a left, when I pulled out he asked why and I told him that there was a body boarder deeper on the wave; to which he replied “F-ing sponger. Cut him off”. Well today was no different. Some grandpa gave me three good waves at Salt Creek.

End of one of my “gift” waves

We went to Salt Creek with the Cunninghams from Jax after Evan got put out of Menehune. Luckily there were a lot of fun waves there and we were able to salvage the day.

Evan’s redemption

Cierra Cunningham surfed in the NSSA today also. Unfortunately her and Evan shared the same bad luck and she wasn’t able to get the backup wave she needed. However in Salt Creek she had no problem getting some fun ones.

always the easiest to find with her hot pink board

Cierra’s younger brother Merrick who surfs in the contest later this week

Cierra and Merrick’s dad Mike

The gang about to paddle out

Tomorrow we’re planning on going to Trestles super early. Evan doesn’t surf again until Thursday and I don’t surf til Friday, so we can go play around in California for the next few days.


Oh and a big congrats to Noah B on his 2nd place finish in Gabe Kling’s contest yesterday!!!

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2 comments on “Forever Young
  1. Bruce says:

    Ive given you plenty of waves right here in Auggie, not cause you look young but because you rip and have mad etitquet, keep it up girl

  2. Chelsea says:

    Thanks so much!!! you’re awesome

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