My week with the Brownell’s really began yesterday when I babysat the little rug-rats. All day. But it really isn’t that bad, we just ate sandwiches (Noah has his crusts cut off) and went surfing. Oh and I made them pack my board bag… Well after that I gave a ghost tour then went downtown with friends. Mrs. Debby said I had to be at their house by 2 AM so naturally I didn’t make it there til 1:33 (exact time from Jason Brownell). An hour later we got on the road to the Orlando airport. When we finally got on the plane I pulled my pillow pet out (yes I have one. his name is Tux) and Evan was so jealous.

Me and TuxMe and Tux on the plane

So now we have a layover in Phoenix, AZ and Evan is on the look out for a pillow pet (I think he secretly wants the unicorn). We couldn’t find one for sale here but we did find a bunch of 5 year old girls that had them, I think Evan would fit right in. All the people we have talked to asked if we were sisters haha. One guy that we talked to for 15 minutes kept calling Evan a little girl. Priceless.

Evan and I bummed about our flight delay in Phoenix. This is also right after Evan was called a girl for the 4th time

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3 comments on “Californ-aye-A
  1. Kellyanne says:

    dearest bffffff. you are a slice of heaven… i am so excited to stalk the crap out of you and evan on this blog. have fun in cali rug rats! can’t wait to check out all your fun stories :)

  2. rickitick says:

    Hey Evan, anyone ever told you you look like Eddy Van Halen? Just wanted to be the first if not.

  3. rickitick says:

    Whoa, dang! Not Eddy, but David Lee Roth. Sorry about that, and not the old Roth but 1984 Roth.

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