Step Down Shortboards!

Well, the current design trend with high performance surfboards is shorter and wider.. more foam with modern concaves and rocker make for a smaller boards that work in better surf than ever before…

Listed below are some great step down models available at the Surf Station


We all know about the Whip. Been around a little while, Kelly’s version of the OG StepDown.. the Flyer. Check it out..

“In landlocked neighborhoods a man’s “whip” is his customized ride, his prized mode of transportation. During the Europe leg in 2009, Kelly’s “Whip” for less than perfect surf was his 5’9” x 18 5/8” x 2’5/16” – one inch shorter than what he won Snapper and Bells on in 2008. This is Kelly and Al’s re-worked version of the Flyer, with a few secret changes. This board is faster and more forgiving. If you’re looking for a board that excels when your shortboard seems to bog, this is the board for you. Also available as a Quad”


Black Flag Whip

All the bells and whistles, the Black Flag is for even smaller surf than the Whip…

“Kelly’s latest edition to his small wave arsenal is now available as the Black Flag Whip. The same shorter, wider Whip outline now has Al’s single to double Tri Plane Hull bottom. Kelly finds the board is fast and has an even more responsive feel than the previous single concave version. A double concave deck gets your feet closer to the water line . We have also added carbon fiber strips on the bottom stretching from the nose to the leading fins. Stopping the carbon fiber near the leading fins concentrates the flex in the tail, thus providing more spring out of turns. The half moon tail option breaks up the rail line and gives the board more release out of the top of the wave.”



New for this year, the Semi-Pro is a combo of the Proton and the Tangent, ridden shorter, it is a great shortboard replacement for average sized dumpy surf.

“Taking his favorite aspects of the Tangent and Proton, Kelly designed the Semi-Pro on the computer from start to finish. Riding it to three WCT wins and a 10th world title, his design proved itself as the ultimate all-around shortboard. The Semi-Pro should be ridden shorter than usual: Kelly likes to ride them with his normal dims but his same height (5’9”). This shorter rail allows for his tight signature arcs in the pocket. Deep single concave make the board work best on rail, and ample rocker allows for deep gouging carves. With the wide point 2 inches behind center and increased nose-width, this board still handles mushy days. The Semi- Pro is changing the way professional surfers ride their boards.”



The Remix is a combo of the Rookie and the Flyer. Taking the forward characteristics of the Rookie and the back template of a Flyer, they “remixed” the Rookie to make it work when the surf is smaller. Ride this one about an inch or two shorter than your normal board and barely wider.

“The Remix is a result of the world’s best surfers going slightly shorter with wider nose and tail dimensions on their boards. Based off the Rookie, this design re-mixed the outline to make an all-around solid shortboard to be ridden an inch shorter than the board you rode last year and 1/8″ wider. Recommended to ride this board 1 to 2 inches longer than you are tall.”


Cheese Stick

Take the MBM+ and squash it down a bit.. add some flip in the nose and some serious kick out of the tail and you’ve got a great replacement for that long, narrow shortboard you are used to.

“We worked with Yadin Nicol to completely redesign his quiver to excel in the average conditions on the WQS Tour and created the Cheese Stick. Top-level surfers are trending toward shorter boards with a wider nose and tail. This allows the Cheese Stick to be ridden shorter but keep paddling volume. The Cheese Stick also has more flip in the nose and tail than its now distant cousin. Yadin says the tail flip gets him one more maneuver per wave and makes it easier to land reverse.”



Brand new and I haven’t even seen one yet. TKnox designed with a Fort Knox bottom contour for speed and the outline of what seems to be a Red Beauty with modern rocker. Could be a favorite with bigger guys that do bigger turns.

The Dagger is a result of Taylor Knox looking to loosen up his small wave surfing. A Curren inspired outline, modern rocker, single to double barrel concaves to vee, and a flat deck with a downturned rail make the Dagger an incredibly forgiving and responsive small wave board suitable for a wide range of surf styles. We also found the Dagger to paddle very well due to the hidden volume. Taylor Knox’s dimensions are approximately 5’11″ x 19 1/4″ x 2 5/16″. Order this board about the same length as you are tall.”


Fred Rubble

That new hotness, I haven’t seen one yet either but I bet they are gonna kill it. Combine your Proton and Dumpster Diver.. and you get Fred Rubble.

From Conner Coffin-

“The Fred Rubble is actually quite a bit different than my other boards. It has a lower entry rocker and a wider outline. It has more volume than aProton, but it isn’t really short and chunky like a Dumpster Diver. It’s just a fun board for waves from waist high to a little over head. I’ve been riding mine two inches shorter than my standard shortboard and 1/4 inch wider. For example, my standard shortboard is a 5’11″ x 18 3/8″ x 2 3/16″ Proton and I ride my Fred Rubble as a 5’9″ x 18 5/8″ x 2 3/16″.So I’d recommend for you a 5’11″ if your normal board is a 6’1″. – Connor Coffin,Features single to double concave and comes standard in a squash tail.


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