Is it August yet?

So I havent updated this here blog in a minute and some of the reason being because its hard to write about the Gators when the football team just played so bad to end the season and im depressed as ever and also because I am just lazy. With Auburn winning the title last night the season has come to an end. So the season did not end how I or all the Gators fans hoped it would but we have a ton to build on. And to tell you the truth I am actually happy Urban resigned and we now have a great young head coach in Will Muschamp! I want everyone though to refer to him as Will MUSCHOMP! He is going to bring a ton of energy to the team and I really think he is going to be a great Gator head coach. God I wish it was August already so it was the start of a new college football season. And the Gators have a lot of bright things to look forward to. We have a great group of new coaches and many great players returning. Rainey, Demps, Powell, Hines, Gillise, Floyd, Jenkins, and on and on, just hopefully Brantley decides to transfer. He is just plain awful! So with college football at an end its time for the NFL playoffs and college basketball! My Atlanta Falcons are still riding high and doing work and hopefully they will make a run at the superbowl. That home field could really help them in the playoffs. I love how Matt Ryan and Roddy White just do work and get no credit. Mike ” the burner” Turner is just a wrecking ball and is going to smash Green Bay. And if you didnt guess I love me some Gator basketball! And we have a pretty dang good team so watch out cause these boys could make some serious noise! Parsons is a beast and our guards can shoot lights out! Dont forget Maklin is huge and Tyus is legit now that he cut his dreads. So there is still plenty to cheer about! Couple of photos underneath of how we did it up at some of the games that I may not have shared yet. And mad props to Skull Candy for making some ill Gator Head Phones. Everybody go get yah some of those they are legit! Oh yeah GO GATORS and GO FALCONS!

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