I’m pretty sure we are the only ones who think the below video is funny. But hey, it’s here if you wanna watch. The waves are real small (surprise!) and the video of today’s surf is nothing special.

After a morning surf we decided to watch football and bet on everything, and by the end of the day somehow decided to bet on who could pass, punt, and kick the football furthest. Left handed and left footed. Somehow, Toth won. Though in our defense we have a theory that he lied when he said he can’t use his left foot, as he is the only goofyfoot, and therefor secretly a left footed person.

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    Small surf starts out your Monday @ St. Augustine Beach

    Choppy today...but yes there are waves...

    Windy at the beach this afternoon...

    A surfer catches a peak this morning @ St. Augustine Beach. The water is still warm!

    NE'ery at the beach this morning!