CJ and Damien Hobgood are great friends. Right now, CJ is inbetween clothing sponsors, so in the meantime he is wearing TWLOHA shirts and sticker and such. So, a couple weeks ago, Jamie asked me if I wanted to go to Hawaii to tell CJ’s story during this transition time. Of course I wanted to, CJ and Jamie are great friends, and in light of all that has happened in the surf world over the past month my hope it would shine some light.

I sound like a wiener saying this, but I don’t care much for Hawaii. Don’t get me wrong, its beautiful and the waves are good. But this time of year is a circus. Everyone that thinks they are someone in the surf industry is there. So, maybe I’ll say I don’t like the North Shore of Oahu during December. Not my thing. Even though we have some great friends who live there and I saw some great friends that I only see at surf events. I’m glad Dane doesn’t like Hawaii either, so I thought I wasn’t going to be there this winter. Angela was bummed about that, but deep down I was just fine.

I must really love CJ and Jamie, because without thinking I said I would love to go. Its more than an honor to shoot and document those guys. Small waves but great story, here’s what we came up with…

PS – There was a guy on my flight out there with a parachute on. It was outstanding.

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2 comments on “GOOD LOVE.
  1. chad davis says:

    sick sick and great. Good one miller

  2. Jon says:

    Nice work! I also just saw the new Moments, nice work Miller!

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