Day 10. The End

Tomorrow the first real swell in two weeks is set to hit the North Shore and it looks like the Pipe Masters will get off to a quick start. Unfortunately I’ll be on a plane back home to freezing Florida. This Hawaii trip, I’ve been a wave dodger. It’s alright though. I’ve certainly enjoyed myself, and even managed a fun uncrowded surf at backyards this morning. Finally.

Gabe is in round 1, heat 10 of the pipe event against Kalani Chapman (whom he beat first round last year) and will be looking to repeat that same success this time around. He is currently sitting on the bubble for World Tour re-qualification at 33rd place (In, at the moment) and controls his own fate. Right now, it’s looking like if he advance through two heats he should be safe, though that isn’t certain and I’m sure he’d like to do much better. So, tune in to the webcast mid morning Wednesday and watch him hopefully luck into a couple backdoor tubes. With the swell being big and North, we should see plenty of rights, something that should favor backdoor and Gabe against the Pipe specialists.

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    Small but fully ridable surf today!

    Some waves for the 4th of July!

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    Frrrriday morn @ St. Augustine Beach. East Canaveral buoy ticked up to 2.6 feet at 9.1 seconds.