Win and were in!

Nobody thought it would happen after 3 straight losses but if the Gators beat South Carolina Saturday night in the swamp we will play in the SEC Championship! Urban Meyer wants the swamp to be out of control Saturday! He said “I’d like to make this one go down in the books,” Meyer said. “Obviously, the football team’s gotta do their part, which is the most important one, but I’d like to see this stadium absolutely out of control. The best home field advantage in America, let’s use it to the maximum.  Unless people got something else to do, I’d love to see a couple hundred thousand people here, packed house.”

So if your not there getting loud you better have a good excuse. After the way the offense looked against Georgia and Vanderbilt there is no reason why we shouldnt ruin South Carolina on Saturday night! I love the hurry up offense and the rotation of QBs. And whoever thought Rainey would not make a difference was out of there minds. Hes been a beast since returning and I know it will continue! So the bottom line is we win and were in, and the season we were suppose to have a down year we end up doing work! SEE YAH THERE SATURDAY! LETS GO GATORS!

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