Mexico adventure with Jacob Praay visiting my pops

What a trip we had. Me and Jacob were in mainland Mexico for 2 weeks and got good, big waves and had a great time. We stayed in nexpa at my dads house but we also made our way north to Pasquales where we saw Bruce Irons, Brian Conley, Todd Morcom, Nathan Flether, Rico Jimenez, and a couple other big name guys getting insane waves. Mainly towing in on multiple red bull skis. But Nathan Fletcher was paddling in like a mad man. A majority of the time we were there there was a hurricane right off the coast. Just far enough to give massive amounts of rain and mess up some of the good swells we could of had. None the less we had a great time. And it always awesome to see my Dad. Known around the surf station as richarmar! Hes classic and is truly living the life in Mexico! We only had one small digital camera and did not take a ton of pictures but here is some that we did get.

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