Its time for the GATORS to redeem themselves!

I just surfed some of the most fun waves I have surfed in Florida in awhile this morning. But all I had on my mind was the Florida Gators whooping up and redeeming themselves tonight against 12th ranked LSU! After a bad showing vs Bama last week its really time for the GATORS to start showing what they can do! Im just about to leave with surf station team rider and employee Mike P. We’ll be haeding over to Gville to watch the Gators smack around LSU in the Swamp! Blasting Gators songs and chants the entire ride over! This is a huge game for the Gators. They really need this one and I know Urban will have the boys ready to fight! The game is at 7:30 on espn so everybody better be watching! I truly hate LSU and I cant promise I wont punch a LSU fan in the face today! But if I dont I know the GATORS will punch the LSU Defense right in their mouth tonight! Its time for Addazio to take the hand cuffs of Brantley and let him and the offense shine! Tonight it happens! There wont be an empty set in the stadium and its time to get loud! I SAID ITS GREAT TO BE A FLORIDA GATOR! LETS GO GATORS!

heres a little preview of what the swam will look like tonight

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