I Cant Take It Anymore

I will continue to go to every GATOR home game (including the Florida Georgia game), watch every game that is left in the season as intensely as I did last year, the year before, and 5 years ago, and get depressed as I can be if we lose again. But one thing has got to happen and I dont think I am the only one who believes this. Steve Addazio has got to go! I cant take it anymore! Watching a Gator football team as talented as they are and not doing anything at all on offense. You dont have a top 5 recruiting class with tons of 4 and 5 star recruits for the past 5 years and not be able to do anything at all on offense. Unless your play calling is coming from Steve Addazio. His play calling is so predictable its sicking! When your at a game and hear 50 year old women and 8 year old kids yelling and screaming about why we keep running the dive play (which never goes for more than 2 yards) and why do we keep running the damn option with Brantley as QB. Dont get me wrong I think Brantley is a great QB, he is just being used the wrong way in the wrong system. Let him throw down field. We all know he can sling it. A good offensive coordinator would adjust his play calling to Brantley’s strength and he is not doing that. I could go on and on and on about this but Im not going to. The bottom line is Steve Addazio has got to go! Not fire him but he should not be the offensive coordinator. Thank god we have a bye week. We can get our $&%@ together, coaches can adjust, and we get Chris Rainey back which I think really will help out. So next saturday its time to stomp Georgia into the ground and the Gators get back on track! If we win out in the sec we actually make it to the SEC Championship. And you never know what could happen. I was at the Mississippi State game and it was awesome until the final kick (minus all the terrible play calling). If your a real fan keep going to the games and keep getting loud and crunk! Cause the teams needs us. We aint out there practicing, they are out there busting there @$$! So lets stay with them! LETS GO GATORS!

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